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Nokia Unlock Codes Calculator

Code Calculator for unlocking free your Nokia Phone.

A software application which calculate and give codes that allows you to unlock use your Nokia mobile cell with any service provider around the world.

I never liked the constraints of mobile phone operators, I do not like their subscriptions and especially the fact that they sell a locked phone on their network!

One of the major disadvantages when purchasing a mobile phone from an operator is that the handset can only be used within the initial network, thus forcing people buy a second device if they want to use a SIM card on another network, of course blocked also. The typical solution to this situation is to unlock phone at one of many sites from web so as to support other networks, a move that cost enough money, and sometimes without result.

Another option is to use those FREE Unlock Codes Generator – some applications that enables used other networks and to remove the aforementioned phone limitation with ease. This is the same application with the one that sites ueses and charges you money! Why not do it alone if that simple?
I worked on a service, believe me, these are the only tools that you can use for yourself and works guaranteed. Best utilities you can ever have!

nokia calculator

This tools does not require a lot of time to install, and the main window displays an intuitive interface with several drop-down menus and buttons. Includes a manual with secret codes used by manufacturers of mobile and service reapairman.

Users only need to enter the IMEI number of their mobile phone, their country, and their mobile service provider, then choose one of the generated codes and type them on their phones.

Despite its name, this software supports a lot more phone manufacturers rather than just Nokia, including LG, Samsung or Sony. However, not all device models released by these companies are compatible.

All mobile phone owners might need this type of software at some point, and this tool is definitely worth taken for a spin.

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Download Now! If you want the best Nokia software package and tutorial from internet.
Full tutorial & software, password and download link (on high-speed server but with private access).
Download calculator from here:



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9 thoughts on “Nokia Unlock Codes Calculator

  1. KOLOLO Emanuel

    I Am attempting to unlock my nokia phone which is giving HORS CONNECTION, made in France. Its SIM card is not recognized in Angola. What cai I do now? I Need Your assistance please.

    KOLOLO Emmanuel


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