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Download Latest iOS Jailbreak

Free unlock your iPhone with jailbreak software! Unlocking your iPhone has never been easier.

Usually, unlocking the iOS operating system occurs a few weeks or months after launch. In the case of the latest iOS, the developers managed to launch a “jailbreak” only a few days away, this is also because they are sponsored or receive donations. The new program is usually released over the weekend and works with all recent Apple devices, properly tested. It’s about those launched in the last few years, but also for the new ones today, because the apple system has an advantage, it is the same for all devices, compared to the android one which has hundreds of variants. The convenience of this jailbreak is that users do not give up the operating system security if they use it.

Download Jailbreak the updated iOS Utility, for all iPhone models. this post is updated with every new release with programs from different communities and jailbreak groups!

Ever since a team of hackers did the first Jailbreak iOS now appears constantly for all versions. For the upcoming iOS unc0ver jailbreak for every iPhone and other devices was announced, the excitement and enthusiasm among the jailbreak community has grown tremendously, and now here is their work to discover the next iOS exploits.
In general, a jailbreak for the iOS operating system uses loopholes in the security of the operating system, but breaks certain protections in order to work. For example, in the case of unc0ver ipa, the developers of the “Pwn20wnd” team claim that all Apple protections remain active. Thus, the applications will be able to run in the sandbox, without the risk of being affected by other installed software. Apple Pay and iMessage features will also be functional, with no restrictions or risk of being accessed in the background.

Basically, the new jailbreak for iOS adds a new exception to the security system, which allows certain applications not approved by Apple to run. The new soft is based on a 0-day exploit, so it is compatible with many iOS devices and versions, any device running iOS 11, 12, 13 or 14, including the new ones in present can be unlocked. Due to the nature of this vulnerability, those who want to run iPhones or iPads with jailbreak now have the latest and most stable version of the operating system, which could be updated later.

Download Jailbreak IPA latest iOS version Utility, for your iPhone mobile.
1-Backup your Apple device before you begin;
2-Then get the jailbreak program for Windows – And for Mac;
3-Turn the pass code off on your Apple device. You can do this by going to:
Settings –>Passcode –> Enter your Passcode–>Turn Passcode Off–>Enter your Passcode. You will be required to disable the Find my iPhone feature as well. Go to Settings–>iCloud–>Find my iPhone–>Turn Passcode off;
4-Connect your Apple device to your computer and open the Jailbreak tool;
5-Once the installation is complete, get the latest iTunes version and install it on your Machine.
6-The next step would require getting a connection between your Apple device- iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you want to jailbreak. Using USB cable, connect it to your Mac or computer and when Inside the Menu go thru the Jailbreak for iOS x process.

The following is a list of devices supported by the Jailbreaking tool:

Free iphone unlock
All iPhone models
iPhone SE
iPhone X
iPhone XS /XS MAX
iPhone XR
iPhone Pro / Pro Max
iPhone plus
iPhone mini
iPad Air
iPad Mini
iPod touch
iPod touch
Apple TV

Download Jailbreak Untethered iOS Utility, for iPhone. Take the unlock sofware from below, iOS latest and Jailbreak iOS.

What you need to install jailbreak on your device.

It is interesting, however, that the installation can be done by several methods and on several operating systems. You can install the jailbreak on both Windows and macOS, as well as Linux and iOS. Part of this exploit benefits from the functionality of the alternative application store AltStore, released last year on iOS by an independent developer.
This software allows you to run applications outside the App Store even without jailbreak.
But how does such an application work without requiring root access (jailbreak), inconceivable in a closed operating system such as AppStore? Relatively simple. It uses the application testing program, which is accessible to all developers. The AltServer application was developed, which emulates the synchronization of applications via iTunes on the phone, either via Wi-Fi or cable. Thus, the phone believes that it is receiving true test applications. Of course, test applications have an expiration date of seven days, but AltServer can reset this value whenever your phone and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network.
However, there are plenty of reasons for jailbreaking, including the ability to customize the operating system, running applications without connecting to AltServer from time to time, and more.
There is even the possibility to install the program on another iOS device with jailbreak.

Jailbreak iOS download

iOS Jailbreak iPhone

The first step in case you want to unlock your iPhone is to do the jailbreak what it offering in addition:
No Extra Security Vulnerabilities
Stability & Battery Life
Reunification of Services
Future Software Updates
iOS Updates only when jailbreak is updated
Utilizing proper and deterministic techniques, jail​break stability is guaranteed.
Jail​break Legality: It is also essential to mention that under the DMCA, iOS jailbreaking is safe and legal. You can uninstall any installed jailbreak program, by re-jail​breaking with the restore rootfs option to take Apple’s service for an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that was formerly jailbroken.

a) To save yourself sometime browsing and searching the internet you can download the Unlock iPhone Jailbreak tool from this page Just click on the download button bellow and the downloading process will automatically begin.
b) After the downloading is complete click on the file to install it.
c) Open the Unlock iPhone Jailbreak tool and connect your iPhone to the computer where you installed it.
d) Fill in the required data like the IMEI number. Valid e-mail address. Carrier or network provider. The country where you bought your iPhone from etc.

Easily jailbreak on iOS through the last version.
You can also try best paid apps for Iphone or other Iphone unlock tool for free.

and the code from here:


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    Unfortunately, this option is not there also on the ipad 2. I had jailbroken my ipad2 on 4.3.3 and used sbsettings to disable my 3g. Now I upgraded to IOS 5.0 and forgot to enable it. Now it is stuck on edge and cannot enable it back… So I have to revert back to IOS 4.3.3 and jailbreak again..


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