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LG Phone Free Unlocking!

How To Unlock Your LG mobile phone For Free
Unlock the LG phone yourself with this software, you will connect the LG to the PC and the program it will automatically unlock the phone with the IMEI code generator.

Insert not-allowed SIM card on the handset- phone will display “phone restricted” Select “Cancel” – phone will display “phone restriction code” Enter the SIM unlock code Select “OK” – the handset is now successfully unlocked!

Unlock your LG phone by yourself with this IMEI software, you will connect the smartphone to the PC and the program it will automatically unlock the phone. Learn how to unlock LG phone for free on this page. If you are the owner of a LG device, but you are obliged only to use it with a specific SIM card from a specific carrier then you must download this LG IMEI Generator. This is a common problem because most cell GSM networks provide the phones with a subscription and therefore locked in order to keep the costumers for themselves.

Now what we all need is that code, there are hundreds of companies that sell their online services of unlocking phones, you will send them your phone imei and after paying a fee you will receive the code to unlock. So what is clear is that they have a computer program code with a huge database. It is only natural that nobody will offer free soft if they do so much money out of them, but the programs we got here is one of the few little leaks that exist, only problem is that you need a very powerful computer!
Is included a rooting tool which is necessary before starting the process. This is the best free way to unlock LG cell phone device from your home with our unlock LG code generator. It is capable to generate any LG unlock code from any carrier. This tool can complete the unlock LG procedure automatic only if you connect your locked cell phone device with the tool device.

Tools thare are lightweight and very easy to use application that allows you to quickly unlock your LG mobile phone.

LG Unlocking

LG Unlocking Software

Probably you have wondered how to unlock your LG android phone. You are owner of LG but still you cannot enjoy your phone to the fullest because it is SIM locked. Here we give you the solution for your problem for free if you use our unlock LG G software tool code generator.
You can use your unlocked LG mobile on any local SIM card when you go outside your country. You can keep your phone, but at the same time use the privileges of any network you like. You can use different SIM cards whenever you like when you will unlock LG mobile phone.
This tool guarantees definite and permanent unlock of your LG G phone. The procedure is not very complicated because it can all be done online with the server calculating the unlock code.

Optimus Unlocking 1.7b has a simple and comprehensive interface that will quickly guide you through all its features.
Optimus phones:
LG G Series Phones
LG Stylo
LG L70
LG Tribute
LG Optimus G6
LG V Series Phones
LG K Series Phones
LG Optimus L
LG last phones

lg unlocking code

LG Phone Unlock


23.03.2020 update.

and with a simple app update you can unlock all LG phones for free.
Unlock LG Phones from Networks such as At&t, T-Mobile, Rogers, TracFone, Boost, U.S. Cellular, Telus, Xfinity Mobile + all other GSM Carriers.
The package contains several programs for older models of LG and helpful codes!

This remote app LG mobile phone IMEI unlocking service is guaranteed to work on all LG cellular devices.

Unlocking a LG Phone – Instructions

These details will help us to detect the right unlock LG SIM lock code for you when we enter in carrier’s online LOCAL country databases, after scanning with a very high success rate. The time quoted is the average time it has taken to this unlock process service LG phone model historically.

1- Download the free unlock LG Code Generator Application Tool and install it on your computer;
2- Open it as soon as the installation is over and connect your locked LG device to your computer via usb cable;
3- Enter all details about your LG device. Fill-in the IMEI of your LG mobile phone device (There are multiple ways of discovering this code, but you can always get it entering the phone settings menu-> About -> Device’s Status. You will recognize the IMEI everywhere because it consists of at least 14 digits according to the device’s model), the country where is locked, the carrier on which is locked and an email address where you will get your unlock code.
4- Now you need to click on UNLOCK button, be patient and check your e-mail after a few hours. The email should be there containing both the unlock code and the list of instructions;
5- Remove the existing SIM card and replace it with a SIM card you have chosen from a different carrier and turn on your phone. You will be asked an SIM unlock code since the SIM card is now from an unauthorized carrier, and will ask for an nck unlock code. Here you will enter the network unlock code for your LG mobile;
6- So you type the code click “ok” which is your last assignment in the unlocking procedure and restart your LG and you can freely use your unblocked phone;
Your LG mobile phone device is now unlocked!! You can use any sim card to your LG mobile device from another carrier worldwide!!

Download Now! if you want to unlock the phone yourself, with the device never having to leave your possession!

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Full tutorial & software, password and download link (on high-speed server but with private access).
Download from here:


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    I also unlocked a LG V60 from Verizon US unlock code: 85267352. The steps followed were exactly those explained. I recommend with the utmost confidence.

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    I need the network unlock code for a LG stylo5 the imei # is 355691101326913-09 could someone help me out here I don’t have enough $ to get the code and it’s the only phone i have .

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    I need to unlock a boost moble lg tribute monarch but was told i need a code and they never gave me one. Anyone have the sim unlock code for the lg tribute monarch?

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