Network Unlock Code – Unlocking your phone SIM for free

Network Unlock Code – Unlocking your phone SIM for free

How to Unlock Any Phone for Free
Here you can find useful information and download the necessary tools for unlocking your phone. Most often, in order to take out the Network Lock from a mobile phone, is using the Mobile Network Sim Unlock Code Software that is program script which extract the unlock code straight from a file on the phone, this shall unlock your cellphone by cable using a special software. Additionally you can use a generator phone unlocking service like UnlockSimPhone IMEI Code Generator. This will search and provide you with an genuine unlock code from the manufacturer’s database.

About unlocked phones
If you purchased a device that only works on the network to which you have the contract and plan, you can unlock it so you can use it on any network.
The unlock phone service is provided by original network during the average use period specified by the manufacturer in the warranty certificate. Subsequent decoding will be provided as far as technically is possible.

Depending on how you purchased your device, network unlocking may be:

  • free – if the device was purchased at standard price without contractual obligations
  • charged with the amount of aprox 100$ (depending on your carrier) – if the device was purchased at a special price offered with a new subscription or extension of the existing subscription and the unblocking is requested during the contract period of the respective subscription
  • charged with the amount of 50$ – if the device was purchased at a special price offered with a new subscription or extension of the existing subscription and SIM unlocking is requested after the expiry of the subscription period

With the help of our cell unlocker you can you get your phone unlocked and made it work to all networks for free!

sim unlock

Network unlock code

For Android devices although you can also unlock it through the Lock network it also need an unlock code (You need to insert it) which is generated by the phone factory (in cooperation with mobile telecom provider). All you need to do, is to get this unlocking code, type it to your Mobile phone and bam !, your Smartphone will get unlocked. In case the Mobile Network rejectes your unlock code submission, there’s programs that can generate that code (And some of them are free). Those FREE scripts, do have unlocking codes when they update regularly the database, so if your cell phone is a brand-new one, most likely you will be able to find an unlocking code.

For iPhones, there are no unlocking codes. Only a Mobile Network (The one that locks your iPhone) can remove the SIM-Lock from your device. This process may also be FREE, but a bit challenging because you need a FREE SIM-Lock removal from your Lock carrier and a connection to iPhone Unlock Server to permanently Remove iPhone SIM-Lock. So there is no problem and iphones can be unlocked as quickly and easily.

How can I get a free carier unlock pin for my phone?
Unlock phone to all networks for free, You probably already think that it’s too good to be true but with a user unlocking tutorials I’ve got your hands on the ALL NETWORKSIM application and you can unlock your phones for free without paying a penny.
You can request for sim network unlock pin of your phone in one of the following ways:

  1. APK Unlock Code – directly on your phone
  2. Carrier database calculator – with the help of a Mac or PC
  3. IMEI Phone Sim Unlock – service provided by site script

1. In Google Play, there are such applications that decode phones, but although no money is required for their installation to send the unlock code you will be asked for around 20 $. But we offer you the application for free! Is it still necessary to say what is the advantage? First you do everything from home and then save time and money for a visit to a service specializing in decoding and unlocking Android phones.
For this we will take a lot of swearing from “boys” and applications that ask for money to unlock phones, but we do not care much about the opinions of others. As you well know a “just right” unlocking cost somewhere at 30 $ so to why give up those money to someone when when even you alone can unlock your phone in the shortest time possible with 3 touch screen pushings/pressing. The latest phones have become UNLOCKED on the US at least, so today we offer you the free solution for unlocking networks on all phones with the android operating system.

2. If you have a phone locked on a specific network and you would like to unlock it then you might want to try a free unlocking program at your home office PC before you go to a GSM service. But before that you can have a nice surprise, so can easily unlock it without having to go around the city or try methods of sim unlock pin with payment and get out of your pocket a few tens of dollars.
From the multitude of sim unlock programs which we installed at some point, only a few have helped us to achieve its purpose, namely the elimination of restricting the use of the phone only on the operator’s network from which it was obtained with a new subscription, on the extension of the subscription, with loyalty bonuses or as a part of promotional packages. The chances to unlock a phone for free are great for older models (for example, your uncle give you his mobile to unlock) and decrease as we approach the very new models .. but even so, it’s worth trying if not you can choose the other variants.

3. Calculate NCK Codes From IMEI with sites scripts connected to the database with unlock codes of mobile operators. You have to be the do-it-yourself guy, if you do not know, some things will be easy. All you need to do for that locked phone is to find out your IMEI.
This is find by pressing the * # 06 #
You choose the model of your phone.
With the IMEI found, give an insert / copy-paste where it ask for IMEI code, you choose the country and the network in which has been blocked.
Press the Submit button and a calculated code will appear.
a. Remove the working SIM card from the phone.
b. After you turn your phone enter the NCK code specific to each or enter a blocked network SIM.
c. You should see a text “NCK Code”
d. Enter the generated code from script and click Unlock.
After you put it on it should write “The phone was unrestricted / SIM restriction off / etc” and give itself a restart.

Unlocking phone SIM for free

Carrier Unlock Code

Any phone, if you buy it from a telephone service provider, will most likely be locked.
The standard minimum conditions for unblocking of encrypted locked terminals in mobile communications networks were established by a code of conduct adopted by the major mobile operators in North America. It provides that operators decode the purchased terminal only free of charge if it is purchased individually without electronic communications services such as subscriptions or mobile data. In the case of telephones purchased with an electronic communications service, in a promotional package or at a preferential price, decoding network SIM involves the payment of an unlocking fee, whether occurring before or after the expiry of the contractual minimum period.
Your two-year plan is at last done, therefore you think about put some money aside by bringing your cellphone to a carrier that has reduced charges, choosing another one from the options. Unfortunately, chances are that your mobile is locked to your service provider, which stops you from jumping boat and using your device on another network. Luckily for us, regulation and the Federal Communications Commission made the process of unlocking your mobile phone easier than ever. Furthermore, it replaced an earlier resolution from the Library of Congress that interpreted cellular phone unlocking being an infringement of copyright laws (a ruling that in some way found cellphone unlocking rise in popularity). Telephone unlocking, to paraphrase, is legitimately allowable. In the past, unlocking your device, wasn’t a quick procedure by any exercise of the imagination. Unlocking a handset could take many phone calls and as well , a long time of work. Additionally, unlocking your cellphone now takes only a minute of your time and is free. Knowing that, there’s only one piece of info you’ll need: IMEI number of your gadget. You could find the IMEI number in the settings – about section of your mobile. Or simply dial *#06# like we said before and the IMEI displays up on your screen. Now that you’ve got that information, let’s see how each carrier deals with unlocking your cell. If the method above does not work for your telephone, you may have to use the old school approach that is not 100 % free and involves installing programs and applications to get yourself a wireless service provider unlock code.

Is your SmartPhone locked to a certain network or carrier? Have a look at our guide to unlocking your android or iPhone so that you can use any SIM card in it. If your phone is older and locked to a particular provider then you’re limited to that network. However , it does not mean you’re stuck with that provider endlessly.

unlock your smartphone network

SIM Carrier Unlock

Free unlock
You should be able to get your network NCK calculator to unlock your mobile phone for you . usually for free. In fact, you could even be capable to unlock your cellular phone yourself without ever having to contact the first provider.
On this page we show you how to unlock all phone models, either through an unlock code from the network itself or through a third-party program. For anybody who is trying to unlock an tablet instead, we have a great guide for that also.

It’s completely legal to unlock your cellphone when you’ve completed paying for your contract or you acquired it outright unsubsidised. On the other hand, if you are however in the process of still giving money monthly for your contract it implies you don’t fully own the device yet, hence you’re best to check with your carrier prior to unlocking it.

If you’re not sure whether your device is locked or not, we have a guide to help you find out. The situation commonly happens when you have bought your phone second-hand or perhaps you get one from a friend or relative who may have changed to a most recent model. If it’s locked, you’ll find that the phone isn’t working in your mobile network, and that’s because it’s bind to another network.

Easiest unlock ever (works on any phone): If you own a coded/locked phone, you now have the opportunity to decode it 100% for free. Thanks to the JESJELIU + Team who made a program to decrypt the nv_data.bin file, now any one possesses one of the phones with this sim lock boot option can unlock his phone alone at home.
1) download attached ZIP file
2) connect the phone to your computer using the USB sync cable
3) launch HTC Multi Unlocker
4) copy all three .lnk files to your mobile and run Lock.lnk
5) enter valid MCC/MNC of any carrier (I used my “real” SIMLock carrier ID, list: Mobile Country Code ; eg. 870 for US, Boost Mobile)
6) as NCK, enter the generated code
7) tap OK (it should tell that SIMLock enabled)
8) go Status.lnk to see if its locked and warn you if your imei has been lost due to any error in nv_data.bin
9) run Unlock.lnk
10) see the unlock code for your phone appear on the screen!
11) voila that is

All codes are 100% correct for all networks and countries, code is read from the phone itself based on the IMEI, no wrong codes are generated.

As soon as that your mobile phone has been unlocked you will receive a confirmation from the carrier. Right now follow these steps: Power down the phone: hold down the Sleep/Wake key and swipe your finger around as pointed. Use the SIM card tool (or a straightened paper clip) to eject the SIM card holder from the lateral of the handset. Take away the old SIM card from the holder. Place your new SIM – from a different network – into the sim case. Reinsert the SIM card container into the smartphone. Make a phone call, and check that the mobilecell is capable of connect to the new network. If so, it’s unlocked!

Attention decoding the phone may result in loss of warranty, do so at your own risk! This is a root app.

You could try other phones unlockers Free OPPO Phone Unlock or Phone Unlock Tool and Samsung FRP Unlock for free.

NOTE: Tell us and write your phone model and we or other users will give you the best suitable unlocking solution based on your IMEI and phone type! After you will get the software, the unlock code will be calculated and sent on email.
Download this Network Code Generator Program (from a no limit high-speed server and with no waiting time, but with private access).
Download from here:



78 thoughts on “Network Unlock Code – Unlocking your phone SIM for free

  1. Jerry Morgan

    I have an Alcatel TCL LX and I need it unlocked.
    IMEI: 015423001643516
    Provider id: A502DL-2AKFUS7-R1
    It’s locked to Straight Talk Wireless. Any help will be appreciated because I can’t download anything from the internet or Google Play Store. Thanks!!

  2. Thomas Hall

    I have a Samsung revvl plus , it has been locked . The person I bought it from didn’t pay it off so it was blacklisted model #revvlplus c3701a
    Imei# 861273035948133.
    I’m trying to unlock it for free any help would be appreciated

  3. Ermalinda zamora

    Hi I have a clpd legacy 32G slv tmus kit n the carrier is Metro PC’s and it’s compatible for straight talk activation and it says that my phone is locked

  4. Muk

    I wanted to unlock my IPhone XR device and the details are as under : IMEI 353056103328246
    IPhone xr, sprint USA.
    Sprint: 89312530000032391981
    SGI 0003a.
    Can you please offer me help in unlocking this?

  5. Abdul Wahid

    Thanks but couldn’t find a proper unlock software on other sites. Can you please generate NCK code for my phone.

    Information: IMEI : 86186400069659

    Thanks in advance. 🙂



  7. Moses Dumbia

    Hi I have a new brand Motorola e6 that is lock. Here are the phone info
    IMEI :352194106905008/ 05
    MEID HEX : 35219410690500
    MEID DEC : 08913 93040 0688 2560
    Serial number : ZY326W2BQN
    Plse help me to unlock my phone Plse I don’t have PC.

  8. Lauren

    Please help me unlock my carrier! I’m without a computer and idk what else to do.
    iphone 7plus
    Straight talk on Verizon network
    Imei: 359472086454905

  9. Rhorie

    IMEI : 356604086476750
    On 02
    Trying to unlock it for my daughter to use on voxi

  10. Dana Mestiza

    buenas noches tengo un soni xperia C3, no esta liberado, me lo regalaron en chile, consulte su IMEI y esta activo, no esta reportado pero si esta bloqueado por mora o deuda, agote los limites de intentos del pin de desbloque de red, ahora estoy en venezuela y no puedo usar tampoco un operadorde aca, al introducir el sim pide codigo pin de desbloqueo de red, pero mis intentos estan agotados, y he estado buscando una solucion gratuita para liberarlo o cambiar IMEI DE FORMA SEGURA.
    q solucion me recomienda?
    estare atenta a su respuesta.. muchas gracias


    I got a Microsoft Lumia 650 from a car boot do not know net work it is locked to and I want it to be unlocked to use my net work the IMEI: NUMBER IS 355126078197831 … CODE NUMBER FOR PHONE IS 059X782 .. Can you help last time I had a phone unlocked I sent off the imei: Number then I had the code number sent to me ..the phone I am texting you on is not the phone I want unlocked


    I have a Microsoft Lumia 650 it needs unlocking as I do not know anything about the phone or what net work it is locked to as I got the phone at a boot sale IMEI: 355126078197831 CODE .. 059X782 .. Can you help me please


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