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Android OS

A brief history and description about the most used operating system for mobile devices: Android.

Mobile App

Discover all mobile applications for smartphones. From social networking apps and games to productivity apps and photography. A description of applications for mobile.


Most advanced mobile operating system in the world, in its most far gone form.

Digital Distribution Platform

All you need to know about: Google Play, App Store, BlackBerry World, Amazon Appstore, Windows Phone Store and GetJar, meaning the most important digital distribution platform for mobile.

Future of mobile phones

The phones have changed greatly in recent years and the future will continue this trend. From mobiles that are water-resistant and shocks up to the curved screen or the phone how can be upgraded with expansion component like a computer, the future of mobile phones will be verry interesting.

What is a locked phone? How to unlock?

Most service providers safety lock the SUBSIDY or SIM lock to ensure that just their SIMS would be functioning in mobiles they sell. Simple principle is to stop you from receiving a quite inexpensive phone, and then moving and then activating with a different carrier, and they can be out the funds that they wasted “subsidizing” the cost of the handset.
to attract you in as a client .

App Piracy

All you need to know about piracy in the world of mobile devieces applications. Methods of piracy, places where you can take free paid apps and the effect piracy had on application makers.

Windows Phone

Microsoft operating system developed for mobile devices. The most important aspects of Windows Phone, all you need to know about what was and what is now WP.