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Google Play

Android Market is an online platform that includes four categories of content: Apps (formerly Android Market – Android for smartphones and tablets), Google Music (now renamed Google Play Music – music), Google Play Videos (videos, movies) and Google eBookstore (electronic books).

There are too many people who own an Android phone and are fooled to download some applications because they behave naive. Consider a famous game: Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted. There are dozens of other applications using EA NFSMW logo and promise that game for free. There are thousands or tens of thousands who downloaded and woke up in a smartphone with extra ad-aware spam application, one that you don’t wanted, or contains a wallpaper or something stupid.
Google really should look seriously through the app store , and brush content to proactively removing the problem. It will be a major challenge and predict that will not be easy.

BlackBerry World

With BlackBerry World (formerly BlackBerry App World), you can search for and download games, themes, social networking applications, personal productivity applications and more.
A major advantage of Blackberry World is that an Android developer can have a couple of tools he can use to convert his apps for the BlackBerry 10 OS and sign his app so that it can be distributed through the BlackBerry World storefront.
So basically any app for android can run on Blackbery 10 OS.

App Store

The App Store opened up on July ten, 2008 through an upgrade to iTunes. iOS is the platform for hundreds of thousands of mobile applications – reaching from 500 in July 2008 to over 1 million and growing at the end of 2013.
The Apple App Store is an online shop for buying and downloading mobile applications for Apple products. The App Store debuted as an on-line app store for mobile devices operated by Apple’s iOS mobile like the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
With app store you have almost unlimited possibilities for your iOS device.

All these applications are in one place, so there are easily accessible, searchable and some easy to buy if you wish using the same account you use for iTunes. Simply search for them in the App Store on your iOS device and download them with one touch.

Amazon Appstore offers applications for users of Android gadgets. The Amazon Appstore for Android is the place where you could find an excellent paid app free of charge each day, notice app suggestions depending on your past Amazon purchases, and shop using Amazon’s secure 1-Click payment technology.

Windows Phone Store have over 100,000 apps (and their number continues to grow), each certified by Microsoft to help you and protect against malware and viruses. Plus suggestions for custom applications based on things you like.

Windows Phone store offers all the top applications from companies you know and love.

I think not everyone knows about GetJar, the website from which you can download free apps for almost any mobile phone, whether smartphone or normal cellphone. The new section GetJar Gold offers now for free applications that can only be found in other stores in the paid area applications.

GetJar Gold offers the possibility that you can download free premium applications, which are sold on a few dollars in other application stores. The selection of applications is not very high yet, but GetJar promises to expand. GetJar is gratifying that not only wants to do a promotion for a limited period, but those applications will remain available indefinitely.