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Windows Phone

First impressions? Not a mess without head or tail like Android. Windows Phone looks like a finished product, while the competition seems she was caught with his pants down. Is not something new that the Android ecosystem is fragmented and sometimes confusing. Sad. Fortunately, WP8 does not leave the same bitter taste. Android had three applications for mail: Email, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. The first two of these could not be removed, and you maybe needed only one of them. Of course, the two you could not get rid of were the ones you do not using. Windows Phone 8 has a mail application, which goes to receive emails about anywhere: Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail, own server. Tested. Those who have played with something like this in Windows 8 know perfectly what to expect.

Speaking of Windows 8, there is a close connection between the two operating systems. It’s nice that the phone’s calendar is synchronized with the PC, it is enjoyable as your notes on your PC arrive on the phone, and the smartphon knows to link accounts of different types (mobile, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) between them, and automatically.

Customization possibilities of the phone, and even the operating system are surprising the number and functionality of them. Android icons had become rather tiresome. fFormerly known as “Metro”, Modern interface provided by Microsoft, is squeaky clean compared to the rest of the mobile operating systems. From the home screen you can see if you get emails or phone calls, or messages (SMS / Facebook), or if you have something planned in calendar ,or phone photos, or photos from your phone contacts (as just he know that your aunt ‘s Facebook account, he copied the picture, it’s not normal?).

Microsoft is trying to bring Windows Phone to the attention of users with verry good Lumia Phones and with every release of increasingly better software.