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Phone unlock program software

From the multitude of programs to decode/unlock the phones that we have installed at a time, only a few have helped us to achieve the proposed goal, respectively the removal of the restriction of the use of the phone only on the operator’s network from which it was obtained with a new subscription, to prolong the subscription, with loyalty benefits or promotional packages.

In what way can I unlock my cellphone is one of the questions which has bewildered hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. There is a huge selection of applications which can be used to unlock mobile phone devices. The owner ought to make sure that the most beneficial app is chosen to get the work done with ease and achievement. To unlock cell phones it is important to remember that the data is kept safe and secure all the way. Such programs must also have the capability to obtain the information in all conditions.

Unlocking programs can be for several types of phones and also for different types of operating systems, such as android (most of the phones today from different manufacturers), ios (all iphones from apple) or proprietary basic feature phone systems (like nokia, samsung, etc).

Whan can they do in cases where folks wish their Android phone’s to be unlocked? They look for simple methods to unlock the sim without having to lose data on an Android device. Free and paid Android unlock software program are available for the purpose. The concept should be to unlock with a code on any kind of Android phone without having to input command lines as well as flash custom kernels to root. Listed below are some capable and preferred Android unlock software including the applications free for download to unlock any Android mobile phone with complete efficiency.

To get rid of searches and installations in vain, we made a list of those unlocking program software that, in my opinion, are worth trying. We can not guarantee your success every time, no one can, not even mobile operators, but we can guarantee you greater chances of finding the one who can get you out of the stalemate, as well as a shorter time in finding it, if there is a suitable application program that unlock the phone you’re trying to “get it free”.

Free iPhone Unlock Tool – Remove iPhone SIM-Lock

In the event you obtained a used mobile phone and you don’t know the locking network then you will be needing an IMEI Check which in turn also shows full phone’s history, if it could be unlocked as well as how to unlock it.
There are numerous iPhone owners that have their device locked by a certain service provider so that the cellphone can not be used in integration with different carrier networks. For everybody who is in serious demand of unlocking yours iphone, you should realize that this process might cause some harm, particularly if improper applications are used. To prevent this, you should always check the associated read me files or search for evidences and proof that such unlocking software is smart used.

One of the many programs that promises to provide your phone useful advantages and get rid of some limitations added by the service provider is iPhone Unlock Tool. This software is rather easy to use, as you may will obviously realize when interacting with is basically simplified interface.

iPhone Unlock Tool KIT

iPhone Unlock Tool

To sum things up, this software unlock program unquestionably has some potential, however, at this moment, it’s just a matter of chance if it will actually work for your Apple device. It could be quite simple to work with its one mouse click operation, yet, just to be safe, you should take into account all the things is backed up prior to proceeding.

It is highly indicated to initially try the Free iPhone Unlock server solution and then try to unlock your iPhone through additional ways, that include IMEI iPhone Unlock services.

Program for Unlocking Android Phones

Universal sim unlocker is an user-friendly and useful software you may count on when you wish to unlock your phone so that you can use it on many different carrier networks
When it comes to restraints that are intended to make a cellphone work only when connected to a certain carrier network, things are less difficult, and there are various applications created to assist you to remove all those constraints.

It is one of the few programs for unlocking even Android smartphones of the late generation by connecting them to a computer, or by calculating the unlock code using IMEI identification number. It not only promises but Universal Advance Unlocker, it even offers solutions for unlocking the terminals made by Samsung, Apple, Alcatel, LG, ZTE, Huawei and Motorola and after applying the update Kyocera.
At some phones, unlocking the network is done by writing or altering the values of some internal firmware files, while to others just typing the generated unlock code, both Unlock Code (NCK) and Service Provider Code (SPCK).
Recently we have used it to unlock a ZTE and LG, purchased from ebay and craigslist, one blocked on Verizon US and other to Sprint, and none of them took more than 5 minutes to unlock. Therefore it is one that we recommend to install it the first time, and the next to go if it can not unlock your phone model.

Universal Advanced Unlocker.

Universal Phone Unlocker

Comes along with support for other functions as well, for some models from Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola as well as for earlier iPhones, additional actions are supported by universal phone unlocking software. More precisely, it is possible to read information from the connected device, wipe or reset the phone, bypass Android pattern or unlock the terminal.

It was developed by Josedavido & Dawood1208, renowned developers of several GSM tools and utilities, and can be downloaded free from here on the page below. It can be installed and used on any computer with Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 32/64 bit.

Free Samsung Phone Lock Removal – Samsung Remote Server

You can now unlock your cellular phone easily – at home and all by yourself!
This is very effective, for those who have obtained a recent Samsung smartphone, locked to a service provider, and wish to use a SIM-card coming from another network carrier. Download for phones then by simply completing the form in the program, a code is generated. The next step is to enter the code on your cellphone, and it’s unlocked!

The best part with this application is that it uses no complicated system to get SIM unlock. The available here on this page and is ready to use and get FREE Samsung Unlock Code Generators. It also comes with an user interface that’s practical and therefore it means a lot to non advanced technical users to easy imput the unlockcode.
This software stores the EFS data and makes sure that is saved, in addition, it provides entire info regarding the lock and NVS condition.

Samsung Instant Unlock by cable.

Unlock a Samsung Phone for Free

The Samsung Remote Server is made by gsm professionals to unlock and repair service Samsung devices. This network code solution is completely different from the other Samsung unlock services you will find online, mainly because don’t let you wait hours or even days for your unlock code, but it really provide INSTANT unlock because of the cable connection.
To begin unlocking you just simply click the ‘Select your Samsung’ button, this will offer you a compact guide. SRS is supporting most of the latest models, all providers (world-wide) and the unlock code is generated in seconds.
Unlocking is completely safe, and requires normally an usb data-cable and a computer running Windows.

Unlocking your mobile phone yourself might be a risky business if not all steps are respected so accomplishing this might void any guarantee you may have, and the procedure may irreversible affect your phone. On the other hand, in the majority of countries, including the U.S., it’s completely legal.

Free Unlock Codes Nokia Calculator

If you need to unlock one Nokia device you may accomplish this for free and it will usually take just a few moments! Its not necessary any kind of accessories or even data cables.
Remote unlocking has end up being the most frequent method to unlock your Nokia telephone. Due to the fact it really is so simple and easy not any usb cabling are needed whatsoever! Everything you need to do is enter a new particularly calculated code in to the cell phone! It’s that easy!

So how exactly does remote unlocking function?
This tool doesn’t need a lot of time to set up, and the principal screen shows an user-friendly interface using a few drop down menus and control buttons.
This generator app is the most suitable to unlock cellphones. Despite its name, this computer software supports a lot more smartphone producers rather than just Nokia, you can choose among LG, Samsung, LG, Alcatel, Sony and ATT which make it possible for the unlock option to be activated. Nevertheless, not every device versions launched by these companies tend to be compatible.
You will have to know the following:
1) Step one is usually to open the program.
2) Seven boxes plus a window show up.
3) Enter the cellular telephone model of your device within the initial field.
4) Input additional specifics such as DCT, IMEI, country, and carrier company names within the succeeding containers.
5) To obtain the IMEI code, check the cell “*#06#”. The handset’s distinct serial number (IMEI number – 15 digits long).
6) Beneath options, select IMEI Checksum Verification or Nokia Pro, Extended, or Select Mode from IMEI.
7) Which network the phone is locked to!
8) The code is calculated to liberate your mobile phone.


Nokia Generator Unlock

Nokia Free Unlock

In summary, FREE Nokia Unlock Codes Calculator is probably not a very sophisticated application, yet people value exactly its simpleness and ease-of-use. All cell phone users may need this kind of software program sooner or later, and this tool is certainly well worth considered for a try.

Remote Unlocking Tutorial! (updated 20/1/19)
Therefore you highly skilled generating your own unlock codes? And why don’t you can make some $ by offering unlock codes to relatives or buddies and so on. Not too long ago the software program which generates these unlock codes has become available for FREE!!!

Phone Code Calculator

A free unlock code calculator basically works by extracting codes that usually restrict specified sim cards from getting used by the cellphone involved. As soon all these codes are taken out, it is possible to use either a GSM, LTE or CDMA enabled sim card as you please. Therefore enhances mobility and gives many options from which to choose.

We found this phone unlocking program looking for a way to unlock the Nokia phone of colleague at job. Code Calculator is one of the simplest and most useful programs for decoding and unlocking classic phones. This free code calculator has been intended for the feture phones and the app only works on those new or old phones.

We were dealing with another free program and which, by the way, you can download it for free from here, and below with all other programs to unlock mobiles devices, Phone Code Unlock Calcualtor is very intuitive and therefore easy to use. To unlock a phone using it, we will need to know its IMEI number, the country where the phone was first purchased and the network operator.

After completing these data form the left side of the program, press the Calculate button and wait for the unlocking instructions, including NCK codes which will be displayed in the purple color panel.

Unlock Code Calculator Program

• Download the free code calculator – all phones.
• Soon after downloaded, input *06# on your phone keypad to get your IMEI number.
• Start the software program and type all of your cellphone details in addition to the IMEI id.
• Click the calculate button and wait for a few couple of minutes intended for the code to be calculated.
• Once you get the code, take out your previous sim card and replace it with a new different one.
• Enter the code you received and click on “OK”. The phone is going to restart and will be unlocked after a matter of minutes.

One other wonderful factor as to why you will need a free code calculator is the fact that diverse cellphone providers generally build their devices in such an approach that they can only be utilized in just certain countries. With an unlock code calculator, you can certainly unlock your mobile and use it freely no matter where you are situated in the world.

Universal SIMlock Remover

This is represented actually by a collection of unlocking phones programs or a unlock software package. So is not just one program but in reality several dozen programs organized according to the principal manufacturers, useful for decoding the IMEI and unlocking mobile phones, offered within a single graphical interface named Universal Simlock Remover.

The number of terminals for which it provides decoding instructions is simply impressive. In Universal Sim Lock Remover we will find all sorts of programs that either will provide us with the unlocking codes, or they will indicate the steps to follow to unlock them in other ways.

To unlock the desired phone, if its model is in its manufacturer’s list, select it and press the Start button. A new window will appear, more precisely a new program, which will allow you to unlock the device to use it with the SIM card of another operator.
Universal Simlock Remover offers a varied number of specialized programs for unlocking phones manufactured by Alcatel, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Panasonic, Philips, Sony, Sharp, LG, etc.

Universal phone Simlock Remover

Universal SIMlock Remover

For example, if you want to unlock / unblock the network of a LG phone, click “LG”, then, depending on the category to which your phone fits, choose the program with which you want to try to unlock it. All that matters is that the phone model had to be found in this list.
Some programs allow unlocking of phones only when they are connected to the computer in which it is running. Unlike other programs that you probably know, calculate the unlock code of your phone and gives you directions on how to insert it into your phone, these applications communicate with the terminal via a virtual COM port. For this purpose, before connecting the phone you want to unlock to your PC, make sure that you have installed all the drivers provided by the manufacturer. After installing the drivers and making the connection using the USB data cable, follow the instructions provided by the program.

As you will notice when installing and running, Universal Simlock Remover was designed to be used in GSM services and therefore some of the programs included in it require advanced knowledges to be able to be utilized but do not get discouraged, YouTube is full of video tutorials that can help you.
Among the many useful tools you can also find a list of “secret codes” mostly intended for professional use that enables you to access to some extra info or capabilities of your cellphone model.

In summary, Universal Simlock Remover can be described as useful tool for the owners of mobile models that are looking to eliminate the SIM lock. It supply a wide range of applications which will help you start the carrier network repair or improve your device in order to remove the SIM lock restriction. In addition, it is free and compatible with current versions of the Windows operating system.

WorldUnlock Codes Calculator

A free phone unlock program is good anytime at the house of tech man, that you never know when you can need it. The one presented below in this article, WorldUnlock Codes Calculator, calculates the network decoding / unlocking codes that prevent the terminal from being used with a card from another operator than the one that sold it.
If the phone you want to unlock is not a smartphone but with some luck this will be possible in future versions of the program, the program you need is WorldUnlock Codes Calculator.
For the moment can be decoded with its help a wide range of handsets manufactured under the brands: Alcatel, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and Motorola.

To unlock a phone, selected in the first list, its manufacturer, (the one written on the label usually under the battery if it is detachable) then follow the instructions displayed on the program interface. In some situations, you may be asked to enter the IMEI code of the terminal you want to decode, in which case you will also be given instructions on how to get it. Calculates the NCK unlock codes based on the IMEI number, and the instructions for entering them are provided in the right side panel.

phone code calculator

All World Phone Unlock

It was developed by WorldUnlock, a company that owns several portals and forums specializing in remote decoding secrets of GSM terminals. Its latest version, 4.4, comes with a small problem, missing an OCX library, namely MSCOMCTL. If the error message: “Component MSCOMCTL.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid”, is displayed when running the program, press OK.

Its absence makes the program may not work and report an error on opening. To make it work, after you downloaded and installed, download this zip archive, unzip it, then copy MSCOMCTL.OCK in the installation directory of the program, usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\WorldUnlock Codes Calculator.

WorldUnlock Codes Calculator


You may be lucky enough to have your phone on the list of those that can be unlocked / decoded with the WorldUnlock Codes Calculator, but if not, you can try other unlocking tools found in this article. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, and should work smoothly on any PC with one of these versions.

Multi Unlock Software

Multi Phone Unlock Software is undoubtedly a complete mobile phone unlock software program intended for devices like Samsung, Alcatel, Sony, HTC, BlackBerry, Motorola, ZTE, and Huawei. Quickly unlock your cellphone with this unique Android unlock application which has been developed by JicTech and download it free.

It truly is among the best programs to unlock android mobile phones. This software is utterly free to use and thus this would mean that it’s users can experience the device unlock procedure without trouble. So that you can SIM unlock google android cell phones like Samsung is a very good thing and this program provides pretty much all what it takes to be the most effective in it’s niche. It is highly rated by the users and the motive is that it gets the expected results.

Use your smartphone in multiple mobile networks!
The following application intends to help you to use your cell in every network by showing the right way to remove the SIM lock. It gives you with a set of tools that allow you to totally reset the device, to flash its software package or to look into the log files in order to remove or even to determine the lock code.

A comprehensive functional guide which will help you remove the SIM locking added by several communication service providers, so that you can use your cellular phone in other networks.
Make sure USB-Debugging is enabled. You’ll find it in the settings telephone menu. Is required that drivers to be installed. Click on Check Connection button once using the “ADB Read Info” before you unlock. To enable the “Read Info” key, utilize the usb cable. After that follow onscreen guidelines for each and every device.

phone multiunlocker


For example, in a Samsung A9,
Prior to you start:
Run the unlock client from “Start”> after that Multi Unlock Client> then Unlock Client.
Enter your details, afterward choose “save login data.”
Underneath the settings window, be sure “main server” is selected.
Make sure “Save Login Data” is enabled.

Frist step

Install your Samsung Drivers. Go to Start> then All Programs > Nextgen Server> then Code Reader> then A9 Drivers. Press Power and connect the phone via an USB cable.
Start in “Boot Mode” by simultaneously press and hold Power and Volume Up buttons of the handset.
Connect the samsung cellphone on your LAPTOP OR COMPUTER through a USB cable.
Windows will now download and install required drivers to activate the Android-phone unlocking software program.

Second step

Removing CNS Network Lock With This SIM Unlock Software
Now begin the unlock client/software attribute. Click on Start> then All Programs> then Nextgen MultiUnlock Server > then Samsung Unlocker.
Click on the tab “CNS unlock” Network.
Power off your mobile phone completely using the power key.
So now, press and hold Volume Down, or Bixby and Power keys at the same time.
Keep them pressed till a blue screen or Downloading screen appears on the display.
So now, release the buttons, you’re in the Flash Mode.
Then simply connect your samsung phone to your PC via an USB cable.

Unlock New SIM Network or the Old carrier appropriately.

unlock software for phone

Unlock Phone for Free

Later unlocker versions also have pattern unlock support. The multi phone unlock software is frequently kept up to date by the developers in order that the most current solutions and methods are added to code unlocking algorithm without any issue. A few of these procedures may possibly damage your cellphone and the majority of them warned to void the device guarantee. For anyone who is careful but not worried by those concerns, this program can provide you with some interesting substitutions to purchasing a new telephone.
The unlock sim network soft program supports Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10.

You could try other phones unlockers Free SIM Phone Unlock or iPhone Unlock Generator and FRP Android Unlock Bypass for free.
If you want us to unlock your phone, leave a message with your device model and imei code.
Download network unlock software tools for free!

Or choose a unlocker that fits to your phone!

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