Before you find the unlock code you saw that it’s required among other things, the IMEI of your phone.

This is the acronym for International Mobile Equipment Identity that defines the unique identifier of a mobile phone. Is a kind of National identification number (SSN in U.S.) of phone, a unique identification number internationally. Usually, this code can be found printed on the label of the phone, under the battery but also on the phone box, as can be seen in the pictures attached. It presents as groups of numbers separated by dots, spaces or slashes. What really matters is the whole group of 15 digits, without taking into consideration these splitters.

The safest way to find your IMEI is by typing * # 06 # on your phone.

The phone is started with no SIM or with a s SIM card from the network which is locked. Typing * # 06 # and the phone will display the 15 digit sought IMEI.

imei on the phone label

Imei in phone box


imeisv format

IMEI unlock

Since 2004 , the structure of the IMEI is AA-BBBBBB-CCCCCC-D, even though it might not possibly be shown in this manner all the time. The IMEISV discards the Luhn check digit in favor of an extra 2 numbers for the Software Version Number (SVN), creating the layout AA-BBBBBB-CCCCCC-EE.

The closing number of the IMEI is a check digit determined with the Luhn algorithm and is a function of all other digits in the IMEI.

Structure of the IMEI and IMEISV

Structure of the IMEI

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Not all phones can be decoded using IMEI code. Depending on the phone’s brand, unlocking is possible or not. There are also brands or models of phones that are unlocked on IMEI but where the network in which they are locked is also very important.

This site is meant to help people who want to unlock their mobile phone safely and comfortably, wherever they are, at home, at the office or on holidays. Besides the privileges above, you also have the advantage of the safest place, without harmful programs.

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