Steve Jobs Ideea

Confirmed in the first month of 2007 and launched the following June, the iPhone started Apple’s entrance into the mobile phone market place. Defined by Steve Jobs like “a wide-screen iPod with hand controls … a revolutionary mobile phone … and a breakthrough Internet communications device,” the iPhone was the first of all Apple-branded end user unit to operated with OS X !

steve jobs idea

Talking About Money!

As documented in its quarterly earnings reports over the years, Apple reported total sales of 651 million iPhones between the device’s 2007 launch and the end of 2014. Apple Press Info – In the 2014 fiscal year, iPhone revenue amounted to 55 billion U.S. dollars, representing more than 47 percent of Apple’s total revenue.

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The World has changed

Before the introducing of the iPhone, phone companies like Nokia or Motorola were having record sales of cellphones based mostly on style and brand name instead of technological innovation. The smart phone sector, dominated at that time by Symbian, BlackBerry OS and Windows Mobile devices, was concentrated on business needs. Motorola joins Lenovo. Now, after 8 years Nokia was sold to Microsoft, Motorola Mobility that stood also two years in Google yard, has a new owner Lenovo a chinese personal computer and mobile device maker, who recently expressed interest to buy and BlackBerry Limited (Research In Motion- RIM).


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iPhone Evolution!

7 years in, the initial iPhone with its small screen, pixelated display, and 0.46 inches thickness looks just like a vintage piece in comparison to what has arrive! For instance iPhone 6 have 4.7-inch Retina HD Display and 0.27 inch thickness almost at half of the original iPhone.


IMEI iPhone Unlocking


The iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad have an operating-system named iOS (initially iPhone OS) Is developed by Apple Inc. and distributed exclusively for Apple hardware. Apple Inc delivers significant updates to the iOS operating-system roughly one time per year through iTunes and, for devices that had iOS version 5.0 or later, over the air.

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App Store (iOS)

Browse and download apps to iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch from the App Store. The App Store provides more than one million three hundred apps and games (with 62,500 average downloads per app) for any iOS device.

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Dynamic Backup and Restore

Apple’s cloud storage product, iCloud, was created to function smoothly with all the Apple products linked to the Web. For instance, you may add pictures from the iPhone and reach them from the MacBook, upload songs from the MacBook to listen to from the iPod Touch, or post an essential document from the Mac computer to access from the iPad while you’re on the run.

Starting with August 31, 2014, a collection of nearly 1000 personal photos of numerous famous persons, which mass media sites and Internet users mentioned under titles such as “Celebgate” and “The Fappening”— mostly consisting of women nudity, were uploaded on the imageboard 4chan, and afterwards redistributed by other people on sites and social networks including Imgur, Reddit and Tumblr. The photos have been gained through a break of Apple’s cloud services suite iCloud. Apple later on revealed that the hackers responsible for the leak had acquired the photographs applying a “very targeted attack” on account data, such as passwords, instead of any kind of security vulnerability in the iCloud service itself.


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iPhone Accessories

The iPhone has a wide variety of accessories available manufactured by Apple or other companies that sell their products on Apple Store or different websites across internet. Accessories categories: Business & Security, Cables & Docks,Car & Travel, Cases, Armbands & Films, Charging Devices, Connected Home, Fitness & Sport, Headphones, HealthKit, Keyboards, Music Creation, Printers, Speakers, Toys & Hobbies like drones.

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iOS jailbreaking

Jailbreaking is the procedure of eliminating limitations in iOS, and enable root access to the iOS file system to ensure that it will run software that has not been authorized by Apple. It lets users to install jailbreak apps, tweaks and themes from Cydia to personalize the feel and look of their device, as well as boost the efficiency.


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SIM lock

At first nearly all wireless phone companies in the United States decided not to permit iPhone owners to unlock an iPhone to be used with other carriers. Unlocking is the removal of SIM restrictions on the mobile cell, permitting the utilization of the iPhone on all carriers. The major reason to unlock your iPhone is if you wish to use it with another service provider.

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