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With each new firmware update (iOS update major or not) Apple is trying to add patches for exploits found in the phone software. Here is the list some of the most common and most important questions:

What is activation?

Activation is the process by which phone software connects to Apple servers and is registered, while providing access to phone. Activation is required to unlock the phone functions. To activate you need to connect your phone to iTunes having inserted the SIM card belonging to where the phone was bought. – The activation process is required for use PUSH function.

What is hacktivation?

Hacktivation is the process by which a phone is activated using a jailbreak tool in the absence of an official SIM. – Will void the warranty if the operator to which is bought find out that have done this.

What is jailbreak?

Jailbreak process supposes the utilization of some programs with which help phone system software is broken allowing any application installation and phone customization of any kind. – Will void the warranty if the operator to which is bought find out that have done this.

What is Unlock?

Unlock or unblocking involves as some intuit the ability to use your phone with any operator. Unlocking is made only if your phone was jailbreak-it before and requires a small program called ultrasn0w (for previous versions) from Cydia which introduces an exploit in phone software thereby allowing use any other SIM with the phone. – Will void the warranty if the operator to which is bought find out that have done this.

What is AppStore?

AppStore is Apple’s application store through which selling iPhone, iPad, iPod and Watch applications. It can be accessed from both iTunes and your device.

What is Cydia?

Cydia’s is similar with AppStore but only by the fact that you can download applications from it. The similarities stop there. Cydia unlike AppStore is where are introduced applications that use the facilities offered by jailbreak your phone and that Apple does not recommend, it does not recognize nor accept them in AppStore. In Cydia are found from applications, themes, ringtones, ringtones for sms, to patches that change the way the phone works. So Cydia can only be used with jailbreak and installed only after jailbreak.

What is the baseband?

Simplified baseband deals with signal, network, operator. Any update of the baseband can result in signal loss and the possibility to use any SIM with the phone. Baseband update is made only through restore from iTunes and NEVER automatically! The update can be avoided using PwnageTool. – Be very careful when doing a restore of the phone, if you are not paying attention you can stay with a locked phone for no one knows how long.

What is neverlocked?

Neverlocked is the term used for a factory unlocked iPhone, that was not locked ever on any network of a mobile phone operator.

What is PwnageTool?

PwnageTool is a program created by the Dev-Team through which can be customized firmwares released by Apple.

Who is Dev-Team?

Dev-Team is a group of hackers who for many years creates FREE unlock programs used by millions of iPhone users worldwide.

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