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Easy Phone Unlock with Codes

A very important aspect when it comes to buying a phone, whether it is new from one of well known operator (in your case Vodafone, Airtel, América Móvil, Telefónica, Axiata, Orange, Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile and others) or second hand (used from internet sites) is locking imposed in a particular network. If you plan to buy a locked phone must take into consideration the cost of a possible unlocking solution witch make the final cost pretty steep.

imei code unlock

Normally unlocking is done by calculating (generating) an unlock code using IMEI by operator from which the phone was purchased, but the amounts claimed by them are quite big, reaching and to 150 $. A major impediment occurs when the phones are purchased from another country, sometimes even need a subscription to the operator concerned ,to benefit from this unlocking service (an example known by me is Verizon USA).

This is where services (websites) intervene, that provides unlocking codes on request by IMEI’s. This type of service providers generally have friends/acquaintance within the respective operators from which they get, in a relatively short time unlock codes at low prices ($ 4-10). Not many people (at least in our region) know about these types of services. Those who know have reservations when it comes to their (sites) honesty and whether or not they will honor the order.

Software Unlock

Another way to unlock some phones is the software. In this case we mention Samsung Galaxy S series which unlocks with an Android application.

IMEI 2 – Phone Unlock


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Skin 2 – Unlocking Phone Page


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GSM Service Unlock

Since not everyone has access to the necessary information some users are turning to so-called GSM service to unlock. They make use either of services that provide IMEI codes either by software decoding and will charge you with exorbitant price compared to the actual cost of operation.

Will be published software unlock tutorials as explicit as they can, making it easy for any user which has downloaded programs or mobile apps.


This is why we decided to open a special section on the site dedicated to unlocking the Android phones to gather a collection of decoding techniques which we provide to users. From start we exclude the presence of any GSM service or users who intend to make a profit from decoding.
You could try other phones unlockers Free iPhone Unlock or Kyocera Unlock Generator and Lumia Unlock Codes for free.


Or choose a unlocker that fits to your phone!

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  1. Babatunde Hammed

    Please i need a sim unlock code for my Microsoft Lumia 650 with IMEI: 358897070864548

  2. Denis

    hey could you please help me with the unlock code for d my network locked phone

    ZTE EE Rook

    imei : 867239022488403


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