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IMEI Unlocker – SIM Code Generator

Unfortunately, there is still this practice among network operators to restrict the use of the phone. If we have a phone bought from a wireless communications service providers (AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile US, Sprint Corporation) and it is locked (encoded) in that operator’s network, we can only use the SIM card from that carrier in that phone. If we want to use a SIM from another operator, it must be done a phone unlocking (decoding), that is to be free from network!

All mobile networks block their phones sold at the offer (subscription) in their network to make you captive throughout the contractual period and not only. (in the end they want to keep their customers). If you want to change the Nano-SIM card with another operator that has a better offer, more minutes or more internet Mb, you cannot use that card because the phone will ask you for a network unlock code. This NCK unlock code is normally obtained from the operator you have signed subscription. If during this time you want to go on leave, from the country or in an area where the respective operator has no signal then you are obliged to bear the roaming costs, which are not to be neglected. Or another situation that is common in some states, when a relative or friend leaves for another country and will send from there a mobile phone, which is blocked to operate only on a certain network in the respective country. In this situation the mobile phone is unusable and therefore it is necessary to unlock the operator code or network. This relatively new job of unlocking phones consumes huge resources of time and money, because all the information is usually obtained at a cost, for a fee. It is easier to resell unlocked phones because there are no restrictions and anyone can use the phone immediately.

Phone Unlock Site

Network Unlock

Unlocking phones is usually permanent (official), when the code is obtained from a service provider of this type or directly from the operator. Ex: Apple Iphone can only be unlocked on the server with the agreement of the operator. The unlocking of the devices can also be done on the data cable, the network unlock code is read from a certain hidden, secret area in the volatile memory of a mobile chip, and then is entered by keys or directly from the program. This unlocking is permanent, that is, even after you have updated the Android software to a newer version, the phone will not be locked again.
There is also a semi-permanent unlock, it is when the phone decodes on the data cable but it changes some areas of the phone memory to trick it to pass/skip the network lock area. This unlocking is usually done by root, which gives the user the administrator rights. Attention in some cases of rooting loses the warranty is lost and official software updates no longer can be made, or if it is done, the phone is encrypted/locked again on the network that was encoded from the factory.

How can we unlock a phone for free?

Before mentioning the conditions and what is the position of the United States network operators for unlocking the phone, we must know that decoding a mobile phone (depending on the model) can be done using certain applications or unlock codes, but using the unlocker apk in most cases the phone must be rooted. In simple terms, having root rights on the phone means you have administration rights on the respective cell phone in order to perform certain operations (basically at this point we can do anything), such as, what interests us most, unlocking the cellphone network.
So at the moment there are tow main methods for unlocking a mobile cell: IMEI Unlocker Service and SIM Unlock PIN Generator we will offer you each of these code unlocking programs.
Decodings / unlocks the network can be done by two methods:

  • indirect, by obtaining official unlock codes;
  • directly, by cable – with service programs;

If you are interested in GSM unlocking a phone yourself, mentioning the model of the phone you have we can guide you but it is very important to know that during such a extensive process phone problems may occur that you assume. Our recommendation if you want to free network unlock a phone, is to use first the code generator based on cell IMEI or go to a GSM service that deals with hardware unlocking.

The unlocking method with software mobile programs can be especially useful when we have a phone purchased from a foreign operator, where we have no possibility to request the unlocking of the phone to the carrier. A phone locked in a network outside the country will not work with any local SIM card, unless the phone is NUK unlocked.

Free IMEI unlocker- SIM unlock code generator

Free IMEI Unlocker

Have you bought a phone from the other person (ebay, Craigslist) and you don’t have the network unlock PIN, password or specific code? No problem! If you have an Android phone, now you have an application that will help you move to unlock any network, and use any SIM card you want!

Smartphones have grown enormously in recent years and it is possible that every mobile phone owner will soon have more than just one smartphone. And those who use the Android operating system are the most popular worldwide, therefore it is good to know how to use it properly with any SIM from different countries. Easy to say, but sometimes you are afraid that too many protection systems will even prevent you from using your phone, because it asks you for a code, NCK or password when you put another SIM in the mobile cell.

Well, the good news is that you can unlock your phone even if you do not have the password code. The application simply called free imei unlocker helps you to get rid of the locked phone and reset your code and especially to recover your phone completely. Unlock with IMEI ensures the unlocking of mobile phones in case they were purchased from another country and they have the operator restriction, without losing the WARRANTY. Unlocking is possible in a wide range of models Apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Moto, OnePlus, etc, NCK (Network Unlock Code) + MCK (Unfreeze).

Phone SIM Unlock


Unlock by IMEI – any phone on any network

The unlocking phone program is intended more towards to gsm services or bulk orders. The instructions are simple and easy to follow, so you can see the phone unlock process without any problem. When you unlock your phone you can use any card, no matter which network you prefer, it is ideal to insert the SIM card and the phone to work without any problem in that network. Basically unlocking a phone doesn’t take long, but it can help when you want to use the mobile cell no matter on what network you have the SIM card: imei unlocker. Depending on the model of the phone and the network operator from which it was first purchased, the period during which you will receive the unlock code can vary between 12 hours and 3 days.

Indirect unlocking can also be done remotely only based on the phone series (IMEI). After you download the app, the remote decoding procedure is very simple. You send us the IMEI series, we in turn send it to our code suppliers. After waiting a while the unlock codes are received, we send you the codes that you enter manually into the phone, and that’s all.

IMEI unlock

We come to your support with the official unlocking service of mobile phones. The service is provided by the main manufacturers of mobile phones and by the most important mobile telephone networks worldwide.
There are unlocking solutions for each mobile terminal, it seems that we can use a phone in another network if it is locked (coded) in one but not by the usual method that is, run to a GSM service with the new phone, we mean at software unlocking based on phone’s IMEI.
The network unlocks (SIM IMEI) process – for any phone model is very simple:

  • First of all you have to take the program – download it below;
  • Then it must be installed, the procedure is normal – give accept and push next;
  • Access the dial menu and type *#06# to display the unique device identification code (IMEI code – use first 15 digits) on the screen;
  • Write down the IMEI code on a sheet of paper or by copy / paste command in a text editing application installed on your phone;
  • Open the software to unlock phones to any network and fill in the fields with the correct data of the phone;
  • Your phone model: This can usually be found on the label behind the battery or in settings – about device (because to most mobiles you can not change the battery so easily or to open them at all);
  • Select your country or the state where the phone was originally purchased;
  • Your current Network: Select the Network that locked your phone (NOT the one where you plan to use the phone);
  • Email: your mail address;
  • Check: I agree to the terms and conditions;
  • Push: Unlock Now;
  • Wait for the sim unlock code.
IMEI Unlock

IMEI Unlocker Network

A cellphone which has a locked counter (once 3x incorrect code is inserted) will invariably ask for a code. Immediately after typing in the proper network code (NCK), a failure note will appear. Consequently, in very unlikely situations, the Unfreeze/Defreeze code (MCK) is needed that will reset to zero the counter. Some of the application services give only the NCK code (be sure to look at the brief description of the preferred solution).

How to enter unlocking code for your phone:
1. Insert foreign (Unaccepted-from a carrier other than the network your terminal is locked to) Sim card (enter pin number if required);
2. Your cellphone should ask for SIM network unlock PIN;
3. Enter NCK (Network code) received from IMEI unlocker;
4 The phone is now unlocked!

When counter is blocked, before step 3 Enter MCK (unfreeze, defreeze) code.

Download the IMEI Unlocker from below, this App is to assist user unlock SIM card password and let user access other telecoms’ SIM card service without boundary.


NCK Unlock

Carrier Network Unlock

Unlock Code Generator:

Unlock your phone using the [imei code] provided.

[[Unlockinge="Code-Generator" ver="4.7"]]

The [imei code] to unlock your phone can be found here.  For all types of phones, with iOS, Android, xda and other operating systems. In most of the times you just have to connect your phone to your computer via data cable and unlock will be in a few clicks away.

NCK Unlock



Unlock you mobile

IMEI Unlock Code Generator

SIM Unlock Code Generator

These days many people are looking for programs to unlock their phones. In a way it seems normal for this to happen, because there is no point in giving the money to the online GSM unlocking websites, especially since most of the sites which unlock the phones use such programs for generating codes to free the phone from the original network.
When, for example, Samsung (It is possible to decode for a wide range of branded mobile phones, it can be LG, Google, Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi, ZTE) locks a set of terminals for Sprint or any other operator, only that operator can unlock them, after paying an arbitrary fee. The unlocking is done through the carrier operator’s servers that work with the Samsung servers, only after been SIM-locked for up to 5 years.
Code GSM Generator provides network unlocking for a wide range of phones using the latest reading interfaces and SIM network unlocking from the code generators market, and official up to date unlock servers at a shorter response time – low latency.

What program do I need to unlock my phone?

SIM Unlock Code Generator is a free mobile phone unlocking program, need to unlock your cell or, more exactly, that means you’ll have a SIM-unlocked phone in order to be able to use it with another carrier. Whether you bought the phone in United States or in another country, you have the right to use it in any network you want and GSM unlocks any phone model (most interventions are performed on short time). It takes between 5 and 60 minutes to “free” your phone from the network burden, depending on the type of decoding that the mobile device allows, it differs determined by the model, brand, operation, country / network where it comes from and the complexity of the intervention. SIM Unlock Code Generator decodes your phone, under any network: Leap Wireless, Metro PCS, US Cellular, Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile, etc.
When do you need this service? When you want to use a subscription phone purchased from one network and it is blocked on the other networks.

Code Generator is a state-of-the-art software and specialized who can help you in a short and efficient time to approx. 98% of blocked / coded phones on the market. Performs the following direct cable operations:

  • Network code unlocks – when you want to work on any network;
  • Phone code unlocks – when you forgot your unlock code;
  • Google or manufacturer / brand account unlocks – when you forget your password;
  • It also unlock the latest generations of iPhone phones, Samsung, Huawei, etc.

Some operations take little time and are executed without risk. There is no intervention on the device software. The codes are ” read ” by cable and entered manually into the phone. Once you have connected the phone to the computer: a diagnosis will be made of all the software features, and configures itself automatically.

GSM Unlock

Phone Unlock Generator Code

Why we need this computer application which saves us from the problem of phone locking?
Because phone carriers use this method of protection of the devices that you buy with subscription for 2 years thus the price of the phone is subsidized, being network restriction code, locking that is done by the GSM operator that sells the devices.
Though over the past three years, especially as top smartphones have started costing $1000 or more at retail, the carriers are less flexible or persuasible to providing a new device at a deeply discounted cost or at no cost (The price of the device was in fact just loaded/transferred in the monthly cost of service). But the phones they sell them still LOCKED!
That is why we offer mobile phone unlocking programs that have been purchased directly locked in a particular network.

The program allows different modes of connection and a decryption algorithm. Keep up with the latest news regarding decoding, so it can meet all your requirements for most phones in the country and abroad. It have solutions for almost any problem related to your phone, offering support and diagnose, finding discrepancies between networks and the most important, is FREE!
The unlock type is chosen by the code generator user:
By phone rooting and losing the warranty.
By reading codes directly.
By reading codes using the online server.
By generating unlock code based on IMEI.

With the Generator Code App you can unlock phones for most brands regardless of country of origin, the program is connected to the Code DataBase 2020 and up and Unlocking / unblocking does not in any way affect the subsequent operation of the phone.
Instructions for use:
First, download Generator – Android UnLock SIM Removal, then install it on your computer. Open it and follow the steps.

  1. Connect your Android phone to the computer with a USB cable.
  2. Once connected, Android SIM Unlock Code Generator will automatically scan and proceed.
  3. Will show a window with diagnosis and fault finding.
  4. Consult the report and verify that the information is correct (IMEI, the network that sold/locked the phone and country).
  5. Now the program will show you the unlocking options.
  6. If it is necessary to change the software version due to unlocking the phone, the you will be informed.
  7. Set the phone to download mode. Turn off the phone from the Power off button. Then press the volume button at the minimum, the Home button and the on / off button at the same time, and then the volume button at the maximum, until the phone enters the download mode. (the procedure may be slightly different depending on the model, you can search the internet for the necessary steps)
  8. Download the Code Unlocking package. When the computer detects the phone set to download mode, it will download the data unlocking package in minutes.
  9. After the data recovery package has been downloaded, the application will remove the phone lock code. All you have to do is confirm that your phone has an unlock system. The method is secure and simple and all your data will be protected.
  10. One-click to unlock, let Android SIM Unlock Generator handle the rest in a short time.
  11. That should be all but in the case if errors occur, do a general reset to the phone and start from the beginning.

The codes for phone models are extracted from producer/manufacturer database. There are many databases: North America – Canada, South America, Europe, South America and Australia Asia Pacific. Unlocking codes are allocated to each phone on manufacturing time so every code is specific for each and every IMEI. Be certain that on the program generator you use the IMEI from your cellphone – not from its box (sometime are not matching).

The software use the Country/Network information to distinguish the location and the database of your telephone therefore please ensure that you are entering the right country.

Phone SIM Generator

Phone Code Generator

Unlock iPhone

For Apple users, the procedure for unlocking the iPhone is similar to the one described above:

  • Connect your mobile phone to your computer and request the iPhone unlock service, supporting the unlock time (if applicable)
  • Remove the current SIM card and insert a temporary SIM card, then type the previously unlocked iPhone unlock code
  • Alternatively, if you do not have another SIM card to use, backup your iPhone to your iCloud account and delete all data on your iPhone. After completing the iPhone unlocking process, restore the device from your previous backup.

The message “The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported. Only compatible SIM cards from a supported carrier may be used to activate iPhone. Please insert the SIM card that came with your iPhone or visit a supported carrier store” may appear after unlocking. If you encounter this message, first reset/restore your iPhone to factory settings. After the phone unlock request is completed, restore your iPhone device from a previously created backup.
In the case of the Apple brand, is not generated a simple unlock code. Unlocking the Iphone terminals consists of changing the status on the Apple servers from NETWORK PROPRIETARY (LOCKED) to NETWORK FREE (NEVERLOCKED). After the UNLOCKING request of an iPhone terminal and its execution by Apple, to complete the operation it is necessary to connect the phone in question to the iTunes application.

Unlock the phone alone at home in front of the computer with these SIM Generator code unlocking programs. Download for Free the unlock phone code generator.

Phone Code

Phone Unlock Code

You could try other phones unlockers Free SIM Phone Unlock or iPhone Unlock Generator and All Android Phone Unlock for free.
If you want us to be assisted in unlocking the phone, leave a message with your device model and IMEI pin code.
Download network unlock software tools for free!


Or choose a unlocker that fits to your phone!

Unlocking software:

Unlock your phone using [NCK code] software.

[Free IMEI Unlocking]

Find a variety of programs that fit your phone model HERE. Works for phones and tablets, for example:  [Unlock and Jailbreak iPad and iPhone or ROOTING for Android]. Sometimes when using those software be sure to have the phone connected to WiFi or mobile data because the programs can update or need some drivers.

Free IMEI Code

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