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iOS designate an operating system from american company Apple Inc. for the following computers and “smart” gadgets.

iPhone – a smartphone of great success on the market of mobile phones.
iPod touch – pocket computer.
iPad – a tablet computer.

iOS is a Unix-like (Android share the same ancestry) operating system, that still in its first version contained many elements of Mac OS X, also a Unix-based operating system from Apple.

You will find over 950,000 iOS applications accessible for download in the Apple app store, the most famous app store of any mobile model. iOS uses a multi-touch screen where basic gestures are utilized to use the hardware, such as swiping the finger across the display to go to the following page or twiching your fingers to zoom out.
final version iOS
Hardware and software made ​​for each other.
Because Apple makes the hardware and the operating system for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, it’s designed to work together. So iOS and applications take full advantage of the hardware features on the smartphone or tablet.

Since its launching, iOS has been through many improvements, each version bringing something new and better.