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What is a locked phone? How to unlock?

A locked phone is limited of functioning to a single network. This means you can not insert all types of SIM like AT&T, Verizon, Orange, etc. but what do you have on the respective network.

If your purchased telephony service is sim locked in the network, you must have this information in the contract. Also need to find in contract the information on the possibility and conditions of unblock the terminal.

Unlock methods

1. Reflash
It’s a slightly more complicated method which have some risks if not done properly.
You’ll need a USB cable to connect the phone to the computer. If your computer’s operating system is Windows then you need a special program that is offered by who (site or provider) offers the unlock solution. The unblock software will rewrite flash or resetting bios of the phone.

2. IMEI Unlock
Decoding mobile phone’s by IMEI is the least dangerous method of Unlock the phone. Unlocking is very easy, requires no special knowledge from you in this area and is performed without connecting the phone to any interface and without writing into the phone (no reflash) just by simply entering the correct unlock code using phone’s keypad. This modern way of decoding the phone’s by IMEI, will help unlock your phone at home, in front of the computer without going to a phone service.

Depending on the mobile model, besides safety that nothing happens to the phone (not out of reach of unknown persons), you have the satisfaction by unlocking yourself and is done very fast.

Remote Unlocking your own mobile phone enables you to utilize it on every GSM network worldwide! The technique of unlocking is entirely safe, legal & will not invalid your guarantee. As soon as the phone is network unlocked, you will have the flexibility to change GSM carriers any time you like, all while keeping the same telephone. Forget about roaming fees, network limitations, or Outragious contracts! Furthermore, you boost the re-sale price of your mobile phone considerably when it is unlocked!