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Mobile communication is so blended into our way of life that lots of people today feel awkward or uncomfortable without a mobile phone.

Not so long ago, the most popular capabilities of phones were calling and sending sms, although I can say these remained the most used features, a lot has changed in the meantime.

A smart phone is a multifunctional product that not just communicates, but helps to learn, earn, and have fun. This is made possible by the continuing development of mobile applications.

Producers tried to make their devices more appealing for clients by adding more and more applications. But high quality matters too. Mobile phone development must be easy and intuitive. Each company attempts to assist in the process of development to ensure that people are able to personalize their gadgets.

Mobile phone users (You & Me) demand more choice, extra opportunities to customize their phones, and more performance. Mobile providers (Verizon, AT&T) wish to offer value added content to their customers in a manageable and profitable way. Mobile developers (Facebook, Disney) seek the flexibility (BlackBerry World, Play Store) to create the best cell apps, end users require without constraints. And finally, handset manufacturers (Samsung, Nokia) want a stable, secure, and reasonable platform (Android, Windows Phone) to power their devices.