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Future of mobile phones

Mobile phones are in constant change, from first appeared 30 years ago and those of the present that have sometimes higher computing power like a PC a few years ago.

Everything has changed:
-In size (remember the phone brick?) Interestingly, 10 years ago phones were smaller than the present, because it was a time when size was the deciding factor when you buy a cell more small is better.
-Phone screens 15 years ago were identical to those of electronic watches, but now with Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors and Full HD ability, we could say there are a little brother of advanced TV
performance and power are now similar to those of a PC, in fact we could say that the mobile today is more like a laptop than a landline phone.
applications and programs are now hundreds of thousands for every imaginable field, at first only applications were the timer and a few games, between worth mentioning is the immortal “Snake”
camera and sound were 0.2 Mega photo and monophony ringtone at the beginning instead now 42 MegaPixel and
3D Stero wav mp3 music.

Where we are heading?
-have begun to appear flexible phones, to which advantage is relative, flexibility does not mean shockproof.
-modular is a concept involving a phone that users will be able to build themselves, the components might be a battery, a keypad, the screen – or a part that hasn’t even been invented at this point.
I frankly believe that there will be a retro fashion, where a small phone with basic functions and long battery life will be much aperciated.

I must say that with access to mobile phones, the world has increased the speed, everything works in a rush, privacy has become more fragile and you’re exposed, there are countless scams made ​​via mobile phone. This all gathered results in additional stress of everyday life, but like any good thing there are these disadvantages which can not be ignored.