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Android OS

Android Explained – what it is and what it does?

Android platform from Google marks the success after success in the smartphones market. Is the operating system that had the biggest increase in last years on the smartphone market share, from 2.8% in 2009 to 82% in 2014.

What is Android?

According to the basic definition, Android is an operating system for smartphones,
platforms like Windows that runs on PCs.

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Why is Android so special?

Those from Google could not make a wiser decision when they decided to release Android as an open source.
Unlike iOS iPhone, which is strictly controlled by Apple, or at the BlackBerry OS, which summarizes only on RIM devices, Android is not tied to a specific device and any hardware manufacturer can develop on this platform.

In addition, Android it really is a very good operating system. It is as fast as iOS, and has an intuitive and flexible, interface equipped with a multitude of options.
Not to mention the fact that the Google work on the platform continuously to improve it.

Android Applications

Millions of things to share!
Google Play is loaded with apps, videos, games and even stuff to read. Enjoy your best tunes, see a film or maybe pursuit the speediest car you will find.

Best Android Phones

Because Android primarily means diversity and multiple options, there are some smartphones that are among the best phones in the world.


The world’s most widely used mobile phone OS.
Android equips even more than a billion mobiles or tablets worldwide. It’s easy to customize, still user friendly, also considering that it’s created by Google, it works seamlessly together with all your preferred Google programs.

Made to suit your needs
Android will keep you connected to what exactly is important .
Set anytime you are. Google Now delivers you the best information at the optimal moment. Weather conditions, traffic, transit agendas, possibly even the recent scores can come automatically, just like you will need them.
Customize completely. Widgets on your home screen provide you with anything you are interested in: the hottest news, climatic conditions or perhaps a stream of your recent photographs.
Tell it what you would like. Ask Google for anything at all, or inform it what to do, such as get routes, forward a sms, or perhaps make a phone call. Maybe you might even request Google which melody is playing.
Sign In . Make your device yours by signing into your current Google Account. All of the your contacts, Gmail, songs, pics, and docs are there once you sign in.

Every Android release is called after something sweet.