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App Piracy

Every iOS and Android owner is faced with an important, world changing decision: to jailbreak and root their device or not. In case you’re not a fan of spending a ton of cumulative money on somewhat reasonably priced app purchases, you might want to consider piracy; nevertheless, when you are getting pirated applications you also take some of the risk and uncertainty.

At the App Developer Conference we found that 26% of devs have had their apps pirated, and many find it difficult to generate any profit.

Though games without a doubt rule the applications world (68 percent of devs analyzed made game titles), the companies making the apps have various problems to overcome to be able to find success. Piracy specifically has become very popular. Even when a game cost nothing, it’s not safe against piracy. For game developers whose applications work with in-app purchases (IAP), 25 percent also noticed that their IAPs was obtained with no payment.

“Of our 7 million+ total downloads,” one dev confessed, “1.5 million+ are actually pirated.

The most known way for distribution of pirated applications.
Installous with his website Hackulous was the most famous distribution of piratated apps but was closed at the end of 2012.
Cydia is an alternative to Apple’s App Store for “jailbroken” devices.
Kuaiyong with their site 7659.com has become the most amazing Installous alternatives because it offers their users to download paid apps for free with the need of an apple id.
Zeusmos is currently one of the best Installous Alternatives.You will need Cydia so a jailbroken phone.
AppCake is another good option that gained positive feedback from majority of jailbreak users. The popularity of AppCake can bee clearly seen when the amount of download is increasing.
vShare on iOS Device from Cydia is a app with many advance yet simple-to-use features.
iFunBox is not a mobile app but a free desktop based application that permits you to install IPA cracked files to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
HipStore works practically identical to iFunBox. It is an alternative for users to get their wanted apps through their PC.
Panda App It works like iFunBox, Kuaiyong, and some other similar apps but it has something inside that others don’t, aside uncountable iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, there are also Android apps.

The best application was applanet but was shut down by FBI in the summer of 2012.
BlackMart Alpha is a single app which all paid android apps are available for you to download all for free.
Aptoide is an alternative market for Android where almost all applications are free.

I could say that Google is the biggest pirate captain, when you search the name of a specific app will appear most results with cracked free paid applications, problem is that the mistrust sources offers in addition viruses and fake apps.