Phone Unlock Tool

Phone Unlock Tool

Unlock your mobile phone with a special dedicated tool
This is the updated Phone Unlock Tool for unlocking any phones whether it is based on iOS, Android or Windows. This is a program that tries to find the right code for each type of phone and these free codes generated on powerful servers around Internet connected directly with the database of the mobile phone carriers all over the world and therefore those codes are valid for decoding the majority of mobile devices models. There is no other software tool with so many complex functions supported that suits most of regular user needs, although it is aimed at advanced developers who need to unlock their own mobile or someone else’s.

Unlock Tool  Cell Phone

How To Unlock Your Phone With Tool

The unlocking of coded phones
If the device purchased with the telephone service is coded in the network, you need to have this information in the moment when you try another SIM card (if you have a GSM phone and Activation on CDMA carriers) and do not work on another network other than the one in which it was the first time acquired.
If you’re a U.S. customer and asking yourself exactly what providers use which kind of network, the break up is right down the middle: AT&T and T-Mobile are GSM carriers, while Verizon and Sprint are CDMA.
Why use a Unlock Phone Tool Generator?
Permanent Factory Unlock for any Phone, regardless of OS version, Baseband version or model, having the option to be able to complete the procedure without voiding warranty or with difficult methods. No need to run any complex BOX applications, when you can use the Phone Unlock Tool absolutely free of charge and after completing the entire unlock process, the phone will receive the code as soon as possible.
On the other hand, the minimum standard conditions for unlocking the coded terminals in the mobile communications networks were established by a Code of Conduct adopted by the main mobile operators around the world so they share their unlock codes with the other operators and of course all are closely with handset manufacturers.
Mobile phone Network Unlock Codes – Unlock your SmartPhone the easy way
Remote unlock your Mobile Smart Phone or iPhone with our unique network unlock code and factory unlock solutions.
As soon as your phone is unlocked, you may use it with every SIM card network provider, all without needing to leave your home! Unlocking your phone couldn’t be simpler!

Under the Mobile Operators Code of Conduct

  1. If you obtained the terminal in a promotional package or at a preferential price and want to decode it before expires the minimum period stipulated in the contract concluded with the cell Carrier, you will have to pay both the unlocking fee and the amount set as a penalty for the early termination of the contract.
  2. If the minimum contract period has expired, you only pay the unlocking fee. Advice! The unlocking charge is set by each operator.
  3. Unlocking is done within 15 business days of request registration.
  4. Wireless providers will only unlock phones that did not exceed the average usage times (Yes every phone has his time) mentioned by the manufacturer in the warranty certificate. Unlocking older terminals will be done only to the extent that the mobile phone operators have the necessary technical resources.
  5. So we see only obstacles: money, bureaucracy and time.

Software Tool to Unlock a Phone
For quite some time, mobile cell operator and phone manufacturers have used encryption to protect their customers’ personal data because they consider it’s the only method to maintain their information safe. If we think much of they say about phone blocking are right, we do not want when we lose or the phone was stolen to also lost confidential information and data which can cause more harm than the terminal loss.

The Easiest Way to Unlock your Phone for FREE

Phone Unlocking Procedure

A real Unlock Tool Code create a method to “bruteforce” the password—guess until it eventually discovers a match—without activating the mechanism which deletes the key that decrypts the data, while this isn’t a “backdoor” in the conventional sense, this specific software —that bypasses security— would have the possibility to unlock any cell phone in someone’s physical possession, in the real world, it would be very similar to some sort of master key, capable of opening hundreds of millions of locks.

Phone Unlock Tool would be required to unlock the device you have blocked on network or encrypted and this specific feature is the reason why we recommend our tool as it is most effective and best unlocking tool so far. Furthermore, you needn’t be worried about any specific legal issues since this service is completely legitimate.

How To Unlock A Phone Free with the Tool
Decoding can be done by three methods:
a. With a direct cable the decoding lasts for a maximum of 30 minutes and the phone loses the guarantee because it has to be rooted.
b. Unlocking based on IMEI.
c. Decoding through the unlocking tool application which takes 1-24 hours

First method a.
The user completes these steps to unlock the phone:
1. Signs up with the Software Tool in accordance with the steps explained in the App Help section.
2. Downloads and successfully install the most recent version of the Phone Unlock Tools.
3. Owns an activated mobile phone in which they customize their own settings (including date and time, and selecting a language).
4. Registers the mobile with the same account they used in the app tool sign up.

Next, the user follows these steps for decoder specific registration:

5. Connects the phone to the PC using the USB cable included with their device.
6. Makes sure that the Phone Unlock Tool software is running/open.
7. Launches the Phone Decode Tool.
8. The registration tool finally detect the phone unlock code upon launch, revealing the next message:

“Attempting to connect with telephone. Please check that the PUT software is running and that the PC sync partnership with your phone has been established.” …… Phone Unlocked!

Based on the model or network you intend to unlock – usually it takes from 1 hour up to a couple of days to obtain the code, and only needs a few minutes to enter into your mobile phone.

Flash Unlock Tool

Permanent Factory Unlock

Second method b.
1. The first step is to find the IMEI code – you can find it by typing the code * # 06 # on your phone.
2. The second step is to download the Unlock Phone Tool and open it.
3. The third step is fill the IMEI code to the first field.
4. The next step is to select the Phone – Free option.
5. This step is to choose the exact phone model.
6. Now you is time to select the country and the network where the phone is locked.
7. The last step is to click the Unlock My Phone button.

Within seconds, one or more unlock codes are displayed.
WARNING: Test with great care these codes. After entering a code, if it does not work, restart the phone, then try another code.
WARNING: I am not responsible for any defects arising out of this procedure. Do this at your own risk.

Whatever your reason is and if somehow you have to do it, so here’s a mirror download link of the English version of Flash Unlock Tool for Android and iOS device. The purpose of this code generator based tool is evident and that is certainly to unlock your mobile phone.

Third method c.
1. So download the application on your device.
2. Next touch the file and click RUN.
3. Start the unlock code tool app.
4. Put your IMEI number, country, mobile phone brand and model.
5. Simply click Unlock key.
6. Enter the code that you receive in the unlocking process.
7. Begin to use your phone with another sim card!

If you have trouble to enter code and/or if code is not accepted on your phone then please try to make “Factory Reset” following the instructions below :
1 – Shut your or remove Battery.
2 – Now enter Recovery Menu (is specific to every phone).
3 – Clear Cache & Factory Reset.

Our own guidelines tend to be GLOBAL instructions for all unlocking solutions. Information regarding unfreeze are meant for those who have acquired a FACTORY GENUINE UNLOCK CODES service, that include UNFREEZE code. If you have obtained a carrier unlock code (from you network provider): this service does not include UNFREEZE code. If you have FREEZED your phone, the unlock network code won’t aid to unfreeze, just unfreeze code will totally reset freezed mobile phones.

Hence proceed to download the following tool. The application is mirrored by us specifically for you who -for any sort of reason- can’t use other carrier network. The Unlock Tool is in English and it is untouched original file.

You could try other phones unlockers Free Samsung FRP or IMEI Status Checker and LG Unlock Codes for free.

NOTE: Tell us and write your phone model and we or other users will give you the best suitable unlocking solution based on your IMEI and phone type! After you will get the software, the unlock code will be calculated and sent on email.
Careful! As you know it is highly recommended that you have an antivirus program installed on your device because you can not trust every link found on the internet. If you do not have such a security program installed we suggest that you scan the files using VT.

Download this Phone Unlock Generator Tool (from a no limit high-speed server and with no waiting time, but with private access).
Download from here:



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  1. Richard Nava

    Thank you for your awesome, in-focus close-ups. You guys are the best.

  2. Stanley Feldker

    I didn’t think to try this site before I bought a code from eBay. Thanks for telling me now how to unlock my phone!

  3. Lyle

    Samsung A90 5G SM-A908B, unlock code: 64523194, I used this site to unlock a Verizon phone and I received the unlock code in a few days. I recommend you turn to Mr. Justin for any decoding. I guarantee you the seriousness and promptness with which it serves those who request it for phone unlocking.

  4. Bertram

    Iphone Xs from KDDI Japan, Thank you! I appreciate the correctness! In less than a day, the iPhone, locked in a foreign network, was unlocked. Very good!

  5. Christal

    I have all these services.

    iPhone Factory Unlock
    v EMEA – iPhone (Normal) 24-48 Hours
    v EMEA (Normal & Not Found) – iPhone 24 Hours
    v Etisalat iPhone – (All IMEI) 1-4 Days
    v Malta Vodafone iPhone – (All IMEI Clean) 1-5 Days
    v Mexico Telcel America Movil – iPhone 24-48 Hours
    v Bolivia Tigo iPhone Premium Service 2-6 Days

    Hot Cake

    v AT&T iPhone Data info Billing Zip code / Last 4 SSN 72 Hours
    v iCloud Removal Service Mini Only Clean 5-15 Days
    v iCloud Removal Service and iPad Air Only Clean 7-14 Days

    iPhone World Wide

    v Worldwide Any Network- iPhone Supported 1-10 Days

    IMEI Check

    v Nokia Network Check (full waranty+repair info+carrier) Lumia 1 Minutes
    v Apple iCloud ID Find Service by IMEI Working 1-3 Days
    v iPhone Carrier Check + Sim Lock Status Server 1 2 Minutes
    v Block / Unblock Check Worldwide 9 Minutes

  6. -Lorenzo

    Direct Source Unlocking – We are direct source for cellular unlocking, specialized in Canadian carriers
    We offer

    Bell Premium Instant
    Telus Premium
    Rogers Premium
    Samsung WorldWide

    We also offer many more services, at&t premium & clean, please contact us for details. We offer bulk pricing also.
    Mobile Unlocking Made Easy

  7. Denisse

    Hello , how are you ?
    I’ve heard alot of good things about you services .
    But i’m in need of something specific in this case .

    I need to be able to get NCK for LG via IEMI .
    I’m starting large volume project on one model for about 10,000 phones per WEEK .
    can you please let me know if i can submit the IEMIs by the list and how long will this take me to get them back ?
    I bought for 3$ this NCK from an alternative source , but they do not have reasonable wholesale price for this kind of quantity . Please check if you can get the same result running this IEMI
    14162009352909 nck=7143280389799882.
    And if you do , let’s discuss the pricing and details please

  8. Danille

    Hi there,

    I have purchased this Australian telstra T790 (ZTE T790)
    mobile for my friend and paid for unlock code on ebay but
    before i forward the unlock code my friend tried too many
    false codes.

    now the message is “Network unlocking is blocked due to
    10 incorrect attempts (0) left”

    please advise if you can help me with this problem


  9. Otto

    Samsung galaxy core prime, the IMEI code is 359656069107783 please help how to sim unlock code im from phillippines.

  10. Cristie

    Please help. I have been working on this for days and am sure it’s something I am missing. But I would love some solid, current advice and maybe links to follow. Thank you so much for any information you can provide.
    Cristie Davis
    Unlock codes for Samsung Galaxy devices

  11. Ryan

    I have 2 Verizon note 4’s. I am trying to put them on my cricket account. Verizon says it is unlocked, but cricket says it is. Verizon says they don’t lock their phones but I think they are lying. please let me know if you can help me. ryan thanks

  12. Hector

    please i would like any assistance for the codes to unblock my Ideos
    8150 its showing sim block unblock …IMEI 355093044733208






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