OPPO Phone Network Sim Unlock

OPPO Phone Network Sim Unlock

Free unlocking any OPPO cellular devices
Good news for all OPPO users, you can now easily unlock your mobile phone, to Remove Carrier Lock OPPO, you need to download some OPPO Unlocking tools to have the unlock code generated. You also need to download “OPPO N Sim Unlock”, everything you can get from this site with single click, on almost all Oppo Smartphones, this method would work perfectly.
Here on this page you will find the necessary tool to unlock your oppo brand phone, downloading the application and following the steps from the tutorial you will easily manage to have an unlocked phone.

Free IMEI Unlocking OPPO

OPPO Unlocking Codes

OPPO Phone
You probably heard about Oppo, although they have not become very popular here, at least not yet. Their new phones seem pretty promising. The OPPO brand makes Mobile Phones witch have a good report quality/price.
Oppo (founded in 2004 in China) is an ok company that produces some pretty interesting phone models with good opinions/reviews, and what is more important is that they did not start making clone phones or other kitsch.
This year OPPO become the world’s third largest smartphone brand who managed to surprise getting record sales with affordable price and without no solid competition from established manufacturers, after Samsung and Apple surpassed Huawei’s global smartphone sales for the first time. And there are all chances that oppo will stay up and in the coming year as we are seeing right now in the last month they are quite busy during this time and have a lot of official announcements.
But what’s more interesting is that OnePlus smartphone manufacturer is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oppo, and of course OnePlus (distinguished for the phones that have been many times the true “flagship killer”) is much more known as OPPO, at least in the US and EU western states, but in its turn OPPO is owned by BBK Electronics a Chinese multinational specialised in electronics such as television, Blu-ray players, digital cameras, etc and mobile phones. It markets smartphones under the OPPO, OnePlus, and Vivo brands and it is currently the 2nd largest telephone manufacturer in the world.
Well these qualities of OPPO have not been overlooked by western world big mobile network carriers which began to have in their offer the phones this chinese producer, e.g in Australia you will find all on all 3 major carriers Optus, Telstra, and Vodafone. Other wireless carriers have the habit of rebranding the oppo phones with their names so they are actually some OPPO mobile phones sold under another name.
Of course the cell phones sold by a Mobile operator company are LOCKED on their network, that is, you can not use them with SIM’s from other providers being forced to respect the contract plan, but here comes the reason for this article: providing a free unlock solution.

As we have already been accustomed to previous Oppo phones, they produce very friendly terminals when it comes to customizations and changes. Those from OPPO are very open when it comes to changing preinstalled operating system on its terminals giving users for several years now the opportunity to install Beta or Developer ROMs. But lately they have begun to sell terminals with bootloader blocked, and some older ones even block it with an OTA update. It’s seem like OPPO not allow we to custom their phone. Not have Fastboot Binary, can’t Downgrade firmware, Can’t unlock bootloader at all. This measure has been taken to meet the data security requirements required by Google and mobile operators, of course from here until appeared the terminals blocked in the network were just a step.
Oppo Unlock Tool Free
Download Oppo Unlock Tool for free and take your phone first on the world travel because will function on all networks. This tool supports for unlocking the mobile cell also reminded.

On this page you may download the Oppo Network Unlocker along with instruction manual. We saw different flash tools, all have password protected code, that in exchange for download are asking for money. We also have similar problem, so we share you the latest tool for free. This file also have password but not for making business, program is for free, we are here for your help.

No need for any new device, no need any backup, one software final with solution for all.

We are working in Almost all Brands mobile Software And Hardware solution for free via online on this site. This site offers latest firmware with unbrick tools. We try to give much more better unlocking tools on coming year.

oppo mobile unlock

Unlocking OPPO

Mobile with problems, we have the tools to solve them. All the tools you need to keep your cell phone running at 100% and unlocked. Start Download Now.

SIM Unlock
Learn how to unlock OPPO phone locked for your first Networks only!
You want to move to another network or just purchased one of OPPO models (2nd hand) but didnt realize it was network locked? You’ve bought An oppo from a different country in which you have recently traveled, it’s was working fine with an foreign Sim Card, but now you are back to your home in Australia or U.S. and want to use a local Sim Card the phone is locked.
So when you put your sim card, You have a message telling you:
Network lock -You are using a region customiezd phone. Its communication function is restricted in current region. Please contact OPPO customer Service.

No problem Is there a way to Network (Sim) unlock. Method A with an apk application.
But there is a small app on our site that makes it possible to unlock this phone based on IMEI; it’s OPPO Phone Network Sim Unlock. Generates a code based on the IMEI of the phone that it automatically detects when you open the app. After the code is generated, the phone closes and the SIM card of another network is inserted. Upon reopening, code is required to unlock/unblock the network. Enter the code generated and previously noted, press OK and ready: OPPO Phone is unlocked and can be used on any network. Tested it works very well with a new SIM Mobil card.
How can I “unlock” an Oppo mobile cell?
Usually all mobile phones support unlocking based on IMEI code. So if you want to change your service provide but you OPPO phone mode, like all the phones taken with a paid plan from Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T, comes with the locked network. In order to unlock OPPO mobile, you need to call either the neighborhood GSM service or the sites that offer decoded IMEI codes for a fee (cheaper than the services we are talking about). There are a few hundred dedicated sites that can generate unlock codes via IMEI for a sum of money, but many of them do not have the guarantee that the generated codes are correct. There are some free code generators available on the net, but Warning these archives can come with viruses.

IMEI Generator OPPO

Unlock App OPPO

What do you need? Method B with imei calculator.

  • a OPPO terminal with USB Debugging and OEM unlocking enabled in Settings -> Developer options. If this menu is not visible, go to Settings -> About phone and press 7 times consecutively on Build number.
  • a PC with Microsoft Windows
  • ADB, Fastboot and the right drivers – ADB
  • a quality data cable, preferably the original (OEM)
  • patience

Now lets begin
It is necessary to check if the phone is locked, and if unlocking is available. If you are inserting a non-supported sim (eg. the phone is locked in the Bell Mobility network and you enter a Telus Mobility SIM card], SIM Network Unlock PIN / Code appears on the screen of your phone. Your phone can be unlocked. If the message does not appear on the screen, or a similar one in which it will request the unlock code, the phone can NOT be unlocked!

  1. First download and unpack the OPPO Unlock Tool.
  2. After that install the adb driver.
  3. Turn on your cellphone and connect it to laptop or computer via data cable.
  4. Now press 1 to check if your device IMEI. The phone’s IMEI can be found by calling *#06# or reading here.
  5. Now enter the phone model.
  6. Now the network and the country where it is locked [Ex. Rogers Communications Canada].
  7. If you complete the steps correctly so far then press generate code.
  8. Remove your sim and type the caluclated unlock code.
  9. Device will automatically reboot and it will be unlocked.
  10. Should give a network unlocked messaged and Insert SIM.

Congratulations! You have unlocked the OPPO terminal. If you have problems with this process or have any questions, please use the Comments section and we try to provide a free code with the help of the generator connected to the databases of the major mobile operators and world phone manufacturers on your mail.

You could try other phones unlockers Free Phone Unlock Tool or Samsung Unlock FRP Tool and IMEI Blacklist Codes for free.

NOTE:Tell us and write your phone model and we or other users will give you the best suitable unlocking solution based on your IMEI and phone type! After you will get the software, the unlock code will be calculated and sent on email.
Download this Code Generator Program (from a no limit high-speed server and with no waiting time, but with private access).
Download from here:



13 thoughts on “OPPO Phone Network Sim Unlock

  1. Justine

    The main advantage of this way to make your own unlock code and the knowledge is minimum and time required. I’m at university now, and I just get a code for my oppo r11 This is FREE!

    1. Jun

      Hi!This is Jun from Philippines. My Oppo A5S is network lock to Sun my network provider. Can you help me to unlock my phone and make it open line.
      Model -Oppo A5s
      IEMEI 1- 866400044993074
      IEMEI 2- 866400044993066
      Network -Sun, Smart

      Hope for immediate reply. Thanks

  2. Prodipta kumar Saha


    This is prodipta Saha from Kolkata, West Bengal. In this moment i’m staying at kustia, Bangladesh.

    My REALME 1 has got COUNTRY LOCK which was bought from AMAZON.IN on 1st week of October and the ORDER ID WAS 406-5345322-2759523.

    Here OPPO Service Center deny to repair it. What should I do now? Please help me.

    IMEI 1- 869056033427818
    IMEI 2- 869056033427800

    Expecting an early and positive response from your end.

  3. Thauma

    Hi guys I have a oppo a3s phone and it’s screen lock is pin lock.
    And it is also hard reset when I tried to wipe factory settings it’s asking for the pin password.
    I tried all kinds of ways to unlock it but I can’t.
    So please can you help me out here.

  4. agnesbabirye

    hello i have read positive results of people on how to unlock their phone mine is oppo a15
    here are my imei1:869923055808177, am currently in abudhabi but i used my ugandan line when i was setting it,and this is my email :agnesbabirye34@gmail.com
    thanks hope for quick response on my email

  5. James

    Hi I have a Realme C21 locked to the Optus Network in Australia. Its IMEI is 866969050099794

    Please help


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