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Unlock codes for Blackberry Phones

Blackberry even if he had problems lately, was one of the most popular mobile phone manufacturers, especially among those who love the qwerty keypad.

One good detail regarding Blackberry mobile phones is the ability to unlock it now for free !
The method should be identical to unlock any kind of Blackberry with a keyboard, as well as certain touchscreen Blackberry Android mobile handsets too. Blackberry phones are part of the family of phones that can be decoded based on IMEI very easily and quickly. New Blackberry models have 16-digit unlock codes (as some examples can be seen in the comments section). In order to obtain the network code necessary to decode Blackberry phones with android, only the IMEI is required.

To Unlock BlackBerry who is locked or blocked by the operator you need the specific unlocking software. BlackBerry code generator software is available at the bottom of this page. All phones can be unlocked by BlckBerry Software Unlocker. Supported in all networks: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Rogers Wireless, Bell Wireless Affiliates, Telus Mobility, Vodafone, Dish, etc. It doesn’t matter the network in which they are coded/locked, they all unlock but sometimes the time to get the codes is longer than with regular models.

Update 2022
The Canadian company BlackBerry Ltd is no longer offering support services for its phones with 7.1, 10 operating systems or PlayBook OS 2.1, as of 05.01.2022, which practically means the end for these devices which, in the early 2000s, were preferred by company directors, politicians and a lot of fans.

Reasons why you should unlock your telephone:

In case you are on a journey, purchase any local simcard and cut down roaming charges.
The re-sell price of the mobile improves considerably since it is accessible to additional providers.
Quickly swap between simcards, using the same cellular phone.
Unlock your mobile from the convenience of your home.
You in no way submit the mobile phone to anybody (how do you think appear stolen phone pictures leak online ?).
No difficult software program, or cable, simply enter the unlock pin.
There is certainly not a single threat to brick your current telephone by unlocking it.
100% Warranted!

To generate unlock code you should have :
– YOUR Mobile IMEI NUMBER ( It must be situated on the package from phone and also under the battery. Additionally you can verify it by typing the code *#06# ).
– Cellphone MODEL ( This also would be located on the carton box from phone or under the battery ).
unlock codes blackberry free
To begin with first thing, we have to enter a request for an unlock code. There exists 2 ways of submitting for an unlock code. One is with an MEP ID (more challenging however much more precise) and other is by using a PRD (simple, although not as precise and also requires more time).
As a result, I suggest basically choosing the MEP ID technique from the start.

To acquire the MEP ID, carry out the guidelines found in the application kit.
This trick of unlock is done on the PC, not in cellphone, so prepare your laptop or PC. Please read well the method below carefully.
Software you need:
Unlocker software Tool ( Match Type your BlackBerry ).
BlackBerry Desktop Manager
Microsoft Net Framework 5

Blackberry MEP 0 LEFT ?
Before calculating the carrier unlock code for the Blackberry, the number of remaining attempts must be verified. Why? Not to have MEP 0 LEFT or MEP NETWORK 0 LEFT !? The Blackberry phone that has MEP 0 LEFT will ask for the network code when turned on with an unsupported SIM (a SIM card from another network), the code can be entered but the phone does not accept it. And it will ask for the unlock code indefinitely… regardless of the code that is typed there.

Normally, a new Blackberry phone has MEP 10 LEFT (10 attempts left to enter the network code). There were several users who reported the presence of MEP 0 LEFT on phones that were sealed, opened only to enter the code. Most of those who had the counter blocked however were who bought the second-hand blackberry phone and did not know that they had to check this at the time of purchase…

Sometimes, some blackberry phone models can be unlocked by cable (even those with an exhausted counter). It doesn’t matter in what country or network they were originally locked. The operation takes a few minutes or hours, depending only on the internet connection and the user’s computer. If you want to buy a used Blackberry phone and you think the price is too good, check first if it is locked in a network and if you can enter the network code in it.

How to Unlock BlackBerry

Install all of the above software on your PC.
Run the BlackBerry Desktop Manager
Backup your data on the BlackBerry.
Run the BlackBerry Unlocker.
Connect your BB phone to BlackBerry Unlocker.
Select the “Phone Info”
Select “Restore”
Press the “Restart”
Disconnect and reconnect to the BlackBerry Unlocker
Once reconnected , select “Unlock”
Wait until there is a message or writing like this “MEP sucessfully cleared”
Press “OK” to complete

blackberry phone unlock soft

Unlock BlackBerry Phone MEP

This will work for the new Blackberrys with Android.

When you buy a BlackBerry driven by Android cell phone coming from a service provider and wish to unlock it, you should proceed with the steps below:

  1. Boot up phone
  2. Remove SIM holder
  3. Put new SIM into SIM tray and insert in to device
  4. Unlock mobile to show homescreen and you should be greeted with “SIM network unlock PIN”
  5. Enter the Network Lock code provided and press OK, the 8 or 16 digit MEP code

The code provided to you by BlackBerry Network Unlock Tool is called a MEP (Mobile Equipment Personalization) code and maintains the phone locked to a certain provider until this code is generated and entered on the device. To get the cellphone to prompt you for this code, you will have to put in a foreign SIM card into it.
When the unknown SIM has been introduced, the phone will ask for the MEP – “SIM network unlock PIN”. This should not be mistaken for your SIM PIN as the code being needed is the MEP code.
The MEP code you receive will be 8 or 16 digits long. If you were provided a 16 digit MEP code, test the first 8 digits only once and if the device doesn’t unlock, then try the complete 16 digit MEP code.
So it is likely that the Network Lock code will have 16 digits. In case the first 8 digits are all zeros, ignore them and enter the next 8 digits. If the first 8 digits are not zeros, enter the first 8 digits.

Fair warning!
You can attempt to unlock the device up to 10 times. After 10 unsuccessful tries, the phone will be permanently locked to the original service provider. If this code has been attempted on the BlackBerry Mobile more then ten times, you will be blocked from doing any further initiatives and unable to get this prompt again.

If the IMEI and PRD entered in the generator are correct, the delivered code will be 99.9% correct. In this case when the code calculated based on IMEI and PRD was wrong, it is necessary to find out the MEP code from the phone, from the keyboard or using the data cable, code with the help of which the network unlock code will be calculated 100% correctly.

For other phones try Unlocking Tool Phones and Unlock Phone By IMEI for free.

Download this Code Generator (from a no limit high-speed server and with no waiting time, but with private access)
Download the unlocker from here:



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