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Most useful Android apps!

Top Android Apps from all categories, PRO for you to download!

First of all the Top list from Android Google Play is highly commercial and includes apps from the big website developers that don’t belong even in top 20 list of an inteligent and a real SMARTphone user.

To save time spent searching through huge collection of software applications available on Google Play, we selected what we considered to be the best applications for this operating system. We have made a list of top best free fun apps and pro games that according to us are worth having a palce on your SmartPhone or Tablet.

I gathered together a series of games, navigation and social networking applications, and media players and more in our collection of applications for Android. Our goal is to introduce to our readers the most useful apps for several categories such as apps for business, social network and apps for games. Every single app has been already tested so while you read the description feel free to download it as well. You will get the full pro app, because we’ve got when they were given for free on different occasions: for short periods of time, for beta testers or on their anniversary. So take free advantage of applications that now cost money.

Best Android Apps

Full Unlocked Apps

These are the most useful applications I have them on my cell and all that have Android phones would need to have them installed! Get Free Android Apps which can be considered Great Utilities for Your Google Phone!

You must try Iphone Android & Apps and Unlock Phone By IMEI which we offer for download as well for free.

Tutorial, password and download link (on high-speed server, you will not wait for download). We use that because the archive that contains the applications is quite large!

Download can be found here:



7 thoughts on “Most useful Android apps!

    1. Allison

      I have also found a few that were on the top Paid Apps in this pack free, how come?

  1. James

    best apps from all categories. Tnx
    I want to unlock my phone also, where I can find a code?

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