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Unlocking Samsung S5 and S6

These past few years, Samsung Galaxy has been very kind to us power users. We have been able to modify most of our Galaxy series devices as much as we wanted, without silly things as locked bootloaders and such.

Here in this mini guide you can get information on how to get and use the finest unlock Samsung S56 code generator! The automatic unlock S5 S6 phones with a code generator need to be on your computer for performing the unlock procedure.

With the Galaxy S 5, Samsung introduced a custom kernel flash counter and custom kernel warning triangle. This is where Triangle Away.apk came in – it reset the flash counter and removed the warning network carrier code.

free samsung s5 unlocking

On the Galaxy Note, Samsung tried hiding the data once more from us, so last version of the unlock software would not work without the activation code.

On the Galaxy S V (among other new devices), Samsung has gone a step further, and has introduced a background service that runs on your device and checks for things such as a modified /system, apps running with root access, to make the unlocking the phone harder to achieve.

For the moment, this service does not do anything malicious, but who knows what the future will bring? Tracking of IMEI’s that have ever ran root, disabling of services, etc? That is the future of course, we know that Apple do that with the iPhone and Google with their services!

Free Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy with this software, just enter your IMEI and wait for your PC to calculate your Network SIM Free Code.

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1) Download your FREE SOFTWARE FROM below.
2) Now open the Software you downloaded and connect your device with your computer.
3) Press Detect to find the version of your device that it’s on S5 version or S6.
4) While detecing do not disconnect your phone as it will take several time to detect and then to process.
5) Now Press UNLOCK and let it run until it is complete.
6) After unlock Restart your Samsung smartphone.

and ENJOY a free unlocked smasung device!
You can also try Samsung Unlocking codes or IMEI Unlocking for free!

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    I inserted the code wrong 3 times and now the phone is blocked, I need a file 4 unlocking

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    Where is the PIN code to download the ftp bypass unlocker tool thing? I keep finding good software… ??


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