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Unlock Free Huawei Phone

Huawei unlock codes ( All networks – models supported )

Huawei is one of the biggest telecommunications devices maker in the world and therefore can afford to make some of the best phones in quality-price ratio, although it has lost a lot due to restrictions by the US government about importing american technology. So if you have a phone from Huawei and want to unlock it, download the generator SIM program from below. The vast majority of phones are sold blocked by the network directly from the operator, some models come locked in a certain network. No problem! UnlockSimPhone can help you with the unlocking.

What are the advantages for decoding Huawei network locked phone ?

Once it is unlocked, the phone will accept any SIM card and will work on any network. Unlocking the phone is definitive and there is no need to change the code to unlock the SIM phone or in case of software update. The cell will behave just like any new phone purchased unlocked in a network. Unlock codes are unique, corresponding to a specific IMEI (each Huawei phone has its own unique unlock code). The procedure by which we unlock the phones is a safe one without the risk of subsequent errors.

Unlocking Huawei phone is dangerous using obtained code based on IMEI?

Decoding based on IMEI does not require connecting the phone to a computer or other interface to unlock. This method of unlocking cell phones is the easiest and safest there is. The unlock method is the same that mobile companies and carrier operators uses for network free phones. Manufacturers have left this particular ‘loophole’ to unlock your phone from the network that was initially blocked and the method does not affect any physical hardware or software side on the mobile GSM terminal. By unlocking is not lost any personal data from SIM or phone. From the provided list of supported network you need to choose the one in which the device comes from, not the one you want to use.

Where do you go to unlock your phone?

Since unlocking is done by simply inserting the unlock code and typing in the phone, going to a GSM service is useless. You do not have to leave your phone at the hands of sometimes dubious GSM service people and not have to move at all, the transfer information is confidential. Unlock a Huawei phone at your own home by entering the NCK Code into device and you do not need specialized knowledge in IT or mobile engineering. Support in unlocking the phone is included in the instructions explained step by step.

unlock imei huawei free

– utilizing this program you are able to unlock any huawei handset completely locked to any network

– you just need to have IMEI and phone model

– these codes generated via official way

– immediately after unlock you can use any SIM from all over the world

– official unlock is done

– service can take 20-30 minutes

– this software is for both NCK (Factory Code) and Hard Lock Reset Key

– for more phone unlock tools download from below

All unlockings for Huawei mobiles are final. You no longer have to re-enter the network code when you change your SIM or restart your phone. The cell phone remains permanently unlocked, no longer requires a network code. You can do factory reset or software update without worries, anytime. So yes is it a permanent / permanent unlock!

Unlock Huawei mobile devices locked on almost any network worldwide.
To remove the SIM lock on your phone, you will need the network unlock code – NCK. And to get the unlock code, there are many unlocking services, but the crucial part is to select the correct one so that you can avoid the issues later.
Unlocksimphone is one of the safe and secure websites that lets you get the right and legitimate unlock code at the fastest response time.
To start the unlock procedure you have to supply your phone information like mobile manufacturer – Huawei – Mate – Honor, smartphone model (e.g. P40, Mate 40, etc) locked network/country and IMEI number.
You can find your device IMEI number by dialing *#06# on the dial pad.
It can also be seen by navigating to: Settings – About Phone – Status or behind the battery of your phone.
IMEI number can be 15 or 17 digits in lenght however you have to provide just the first 15 digits of your IMEI pin to get the unlock code. After completing phone details you will get the unlock code on your email, for unlocking the Huawei mobile.

Huawei software unlocking

Free Huawei Phone Unlocking

(1) Download the attached HUAWEI UNLOCKER;
(2) Input your IMEI Number (Total digits = 15) to display dial: *#06#;
(3) Input Security code that will be generated for you;
(4) Click Calculate, your Unlock Flash code is generated;
(5) Do not use the flash code;

After you obtain your unlock code, follow the guidelines below for unlocking the Huawei phone:
(a) Insert not accepted GSM,(e.g Telstra, 3 Three, Bell), which is not supported by your phone;
(b) Your phone will ask you for the unlock code and will display a window to input the code;
(c) Enter the generated Unlocking code you received from application and press “unlock”;
(d) Your mobile phone would display “Network unlock successful” message;
(e) Now your current phone is actually unlocked and ready to use with any GSM SIM card in all networks around the globe;

Check before calculate the code if your phone requires SIM NETWORK UNLOCK PIN or hardlock code (SIM BLOCK UNLOCK RESET KEY).

Sometimes Huawei’s servers that provide unlock codes are only turned on at night at us (day to them because we do not have the same time zone). 90% of the requests submitted ‘today’ are resolved ‘today. The majority of the unlock code are delivered in few hours.

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Download this Phone Unlock Code Generator (from a no limit high-speed server and with no waiting time, but with private access)!
Download the unlocker from here:



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    Please provide SIM network subset unlock NCK
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  2. Imran hussain

    I have recently bought a Huawei p20 Pro version 10 and found out that the phone is blacklisted can you please help me change the imei number which is 869312040230756 and I think it was Vodafone as I was using tesco mobile my email address is thank you


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