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Free Samsung Unlocking Codes!

Unlock your samsung phone with these codes provided by Samsung factory engineers, reset your sim network locked mobile free of charge.

Cell operators from all over the world are locking their mobile phones to work only in their own network. They sell us mobiles with a low price but with a big 2-year subscription! I hate that, mobile phone companies are avar for money, and more, give us their network locked handsets! Mobile carriers are some of the richest multinational from the world.

You could see on multiple web sites ,that you may unlock mobile devices (network restricted) possibly on-line and for sum of money. Usually these sites for money unlocking require from you to choose a gadget and model send them your IMEI number ,pick network and you received the unlock code as well as guidance for unlocking.

Ok now the big question: how they manage to unlock the phone? what tool or software use? I can not do it alone at home?

For now only Samsung phones can be unlocked easily without specific boxes and with a few maneuvers and codes.
If you wish to make an effort to understand something regarding unlocking on your own in your house , then you definitely should download all about unlock your Samsung phone.

Aditionaly you can use two free soft tool for unlocking Samsung S5 and S6 where you will also find other programs for rooting, or try an IMEI Unlock Tool for free.

Download this files (no limit high-speed server and with no waiting time, but with private access)

The folder codes can be found here:



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56 thoughts on “Free Samsung Unlocking Codes!


    i purchased Samsung Mobile from Saidi Arab. this is pretty new. model no: SM-A710FD with dual SIM & hence two IMEI Nos.
    IMEI1-3581680774310809 & IMEI2-3581690774310807.
    kindly provide SIM network PUK & PIN

  2. Femi

    My name is femi a Nigerian i have Samsung T-Mobile
    Model: SGH-139
    IMEI: 012404005952593
    FCC ID: A3LSGHT139. Kindly help me with the link to unlock it.


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