Unlock Free LG Mobile Phone

Unlock Free LG Mobile Phone

Unlock your LG mobile phone with codes that are calculated and then generated based on IMEI series/number.
LG phones are on the market since the beginning and since the 2000s are also in the top 5 annual sales by manufacturer, so they have made over time enough fans that buy their phones. Known for their reliability whether they are feature basic phones that are made firstly for calling and texting or latest smartphones with Android technology and high-end cameras you will get everything you need and want in a cell phone and can choose from a range of stylish models with functional extraoptions.

How To Unlock LG Free By Generator Tool

How To Unlock LG Free By Generator

LG devices offer the capacity to connect your way using the most recent engineering in smart technologies, many appreciating the elegance of a Samsung S phone power mixed with a stylish Apple iPhone productivity from which it ensue an original LG G phone.
The LG phones rank second in the market in terms of the number of models offered, with only Samsung having more models. With a traditional manufacturer behind, they offer a high quality standard and LG phones are recognized for special finishes. The price of LG phones is guaranteed to be competitive, depending on these specifications its covering the full range of market prices. Although they are not considered as cheap phones, you will find some low-cost models in the phone market. Our recommendation is to focus on new models that are equipped with the best specifications, advanced processors and witch offer enough resources to be used in the best conditions, but it is best to take the phone according to the utility, on what you will use it.
Almost every mobile phone manufacturer owns a top-rated smartphone in the portfolio, considered the company’s flagship. Such a model is essential to the popularity of a manufacturer and it also generates sales including for other less demanding models in the range, often being the phone that the respective company identifies on the market, on LG that phone is the G series: G1-G4, G5, G6, G7 and so on.

Unlocking the LG
So LG’s being popular phones then they are included in the offer of all mobile network operators to either the United States or the rest of the world, and from here result a lot of phones locked in the network they were bought from.
As we well know or just what we found out: phones that had contracts with a specific wireless carrier, does not work with sim cards from other cellular company, we are blocked and we have only two options: to continue with the same cell phone service provider or to unlock your phone. Why a wireless service provider does it block your phone? Firstly, because the phone’s price is subsidized monthly by subscription payment then of course to keep you as a customer.
By comparing the decoding price with the purchase price of the phone or the price you would pay to the operator for unlocking you will find that there is a very large difference. The most important advantage is that the phone will accept any sim, it will work the same as before unlocking, the major difference is that it will work into any network and of course when you put a new SIM, the phone will not lock again on that network.
If you decide to unlock your mobile then you can pay for it at an authorized gsm service or you can try to do it yourself and here we are intervening by giving you the necessary tools to do that!

    Unlock LG Phones for FREE using IMEI Tool unlocker with which you can generate an permanent LG unlock code that helps you to sim unlock your cell phone. Here will learn how to get unlock code for your LG mobile for free. This calculator decodes any LG-encoded network, regardless of network code, subset, service provider, etc. No matter the model, network, or country.

Phone software added: LG V30, LG Aristo 2, LG X charge, LG Tribute Dynasty, LG Q6

Download LG Code Generator Software

Unlock LG Cell Phone Software

IMEI LG Unlocking
Unlocking of LG by IMEI is an irrevocable process. It means, that once is decoded, the phone remains free of the original network obligations and is no longer coded indifferently that you will make a software update, install a new Andorid ROM or for whatever reason you will do a factory reset.
Due to the fact that unlocking the mobile is done only by simply typing the code, it can be done in front of the computer at your home, so going to a GSM service is not mandatory.
Which LG models are unlocked based on IMEI? ALL! From the oldest to the last appearances… it does not matter the model or the network in which it is blocked but only the IMEI of the phone.
What is IMEI? See here.
LGs are part of the family of phones that can be decoded on IMEI very easily and very quickly. New LG models have 16-digit unlock codes. Obligatory check your phone before ordering / calculate to make sure you need the unlock code and that you can insert it into your phone.
If you are inserting a non-supported sim (eg. Your phone is locked in the Metro PCS network and you enter a TracFone card], Network SIM Unlock PIN / Code appears on the phone screen. Your phone can be unlocked.

What you need to know:
a) It’s done on any baseband version.
b) The guarantee remains valid.
c) It is not a bloatware solution and must be done once, without risk.
d) Duration of decoding calculator varies it may take 12-24 hours, very rarely with delays of up to 48 hours.

How To Unlock LG Phone For Free
What You Need:
1-An LG phone.
2-A Microsoft Windows PC (LG-tools.zip also contains executables for Apple Mac OS X and Linux).
3-A quality data cable, preferably the original (OEM).
4-The correct driver link, select UPDATE SOFTWARE , download and install LG Mobile Support Tool , start the application, connect your phone to your computer and select Install the USB driver.
5-Note the phone’s IMEI in a text file. You can find it by going to the Settings – > About phone – > Status – > IMEI or by calling *#06# .
6-Activate USB Debugging and Enable OEM unlock in Settings – > Developer options. If this menu is not visible, go to Settings – > About phone – > Software info and press 7 times on Build number .
7-Unzip unlock-tools.zip in an easily accessible place (eg Desktop).
8-Turn on the phone and connect it to your PC using the data cable. Wait a few seconds for it to be recognized correctly.
9-Open the software and click unlock.
10-Based o your Device ID a code will be generated and redirected to the email box.
11-Type the NCK or SPCK code.
12-The phone will restart and will be unlocked.

The program unlock any LG GSM regardless of the model or the network on which it is locked FREE under the following conditions:
Two LG terminals will be unlocked daily regardless of the network or model! 100% FREE!
Will not be provided to the same USER 2 codes, so great attention!

Unlocking Free LG Mobile Phone

Unlock for Free your LG Mobile Phone

You will recive this message: Your Phone is unlocked, please put SIM card different than original and enter your code /

IMEI : *your IMEI*
Unlock code : NCK=*** NSCK=*** SPCK=*** CPCK=*** SIMCK=***


For a LG-H340N 4G LTE with IMEI 358816063723240 the unlocking codes are:






“Network Lock“ or “Service Provider Lock” is all you need for unlocking. Updated with new models.

You could try other phones unlockers Free BLU Phone Unlock or iPhone unlock tool and another LG Unlocker for free.

NOTE:Tell us and write your phone model and we or other users will give you the best suitable unlocking solution based on your IMEI and phone type! After you will get the software, the unlock code will be calculated and sent on email.
Download this Code Generator Program (from a no limit high-speed server and with no waiting time, but with private access).
Download from here:



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    Unlock my LG v10c d415
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    Thank you

  2. sholanke ezekeiel

    pls help, how can i unlock LG VS876 locked to Verizon, with IMEI: 990002614242772. the phone is not bringing up option to unlock and *#06 # is not working to check the IMEI. thank you.

  3. Cherri Hidaka

    F*ckin’ amazing things here. I’m very glad to see your programs. Thanks a lot and i’m looking forward to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a unlock code to my e-mail?


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