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Unlock Codes For Mobile Phones – IMEI unlock free

Free IMEI Unlock
Free your device from your carrier lock with your generated unlock codes which match for each phone! Unlock your phone yourself with the IMEI code generator calculating software! Download the program from below.

Do you want to switch network providers but not to buy a new phone? Going on vacation and want to use a local GSM SIM card with your phone? Selling your old device? If the answer to these questions is YES then you will need a network unlock code which will be given to you by the unlocking program software.
The easiest way to unlock your device is via remote IMEI unlock code. All you need to know is your IMEI number (press *#06# on your device), network lock and model. Enter this code into the unlock code generator together with the country and the network in which the phone is locked and mobile phone brand or model and a unique unlock code will be calculated. That’s it! No cables or taking your phone apart!
This imei calculator tool give you a free unlock code! The pack contains 3 unlocking imei tools! We all want to unlock our phones for free, and learn to do the unlocking process by ourselves.
Besides smartphones you can also unlock internet modems and tablets, virtually any device that has a IMEI code.
Basically it just takes the following steps to unlock the phone/tablet:
1. Identify your model and IMEI.
2. Choose from network operators.
3. Calculate.
4. Enter the phone unlock code -that is it.

imei phone unlocking

Mobile Phone Network Unlock
The Phone SIM lock is applied every time when firmware is copied and activated for the first time on the phone by its manufacturer and network operator in which it will be distributed (offered at a low price with subscription) and that is why the best solution for unlocking mobile phones would be with permanent code calculated by IMEI software tool.
Try the Free Imei Unlock calculator on this page along with IMEI Unlocker software that works with any mobile phone brand and model anywhere in the world. Thanks to this service provided by the unlocking tool you will have no problem if you made the mistake of buying a SIM network lock mobile cell device, in fact, most of us we have at least one phone that is SIM locked to a certain carrier whose voice or data service we use.

Unlock Codes depend on IMEI and phone model. So you will insert these to generate your unlock code. The unlock code is unique to every mobile.

Here are the steps to acquire your unlock code:

1. Download unlock phone code generator tool software on your phone/tablet or laptop (depends on what method you want to use);
2. Install the tool on your device;
3. Connect your locked phone with your device via USB cable if you use a laptop;
4. Identify your model and IMEI;
5. Fill your device’s informations: phone brand and region where is locked (In this field you should enter the country where the device was initially bought);
6. Choose from mobile network operators (you must know the first wireless carrier);
7. An email address. This is the mail address where you wish to receive the unlock code, it may come with a set of instructions as well to enter the code correct;
8. Calculate the code using the imei generator;
9. Wait for your cellular code to be transmitted;
10. Introduce your unlocking code.

You can also try other specific unlocking tools for LG Phones and Samsung phones like Galaxy Series or Nokia Unlock Calculator for free, adtitional if you need use one of the tools to Bypass FRP.

2018 updated

Tutorial, password and download link (on high-speed server but with private access). If you can not do it yourself with the programs taken from here, you can leave your phone data in the comments section or send us a email and depending on the needs and work we have we will send you the unlocking code.

Download can be found here:



1,776 thoughts on “Unlock Codes For Mobile Phones – IMEI unlock free

    1. Anna Payne

      I couldnt download anything on other site, it said page not available, I need a code for a Samsung J7 Star Model SM-J737T1, IMEI 3597094204508 Carrier Metro PCS

  1. Angelina Roy

    hi i just complete the downlaoding process for a huawei and there are two files password protected and i was told to came to the site to get puk pin please. thanks in advanced,

  2. Joseph

    Please help me to unlock my Samsung s5 mini
    And instruction on how to use unlock code
    Thank you

  3. Jhun IGnacio

    Hello Sir,

    It had been countless days, weeks and months that i had been searching for a legit Network Unlocker for my Samsung Galaxy S5 that my sister gave me. I am located in Manila Philippines and the Phone came from my sister living in Sacramento CA. here is my IMEI : 351881068170131, Please do spare some time to look over my IMEI for my phone to unlocked here in Manila, T-Mobile was the original Carrier of the Phone and uthis was sent to me way back October of 2018, and until now i cannot have the phone to have a Valid Network,,,, Please i’m seeking for anyone that can help me… Thanks in Advance and God Bless.

  4. Anthony

    Can I have the unlock code for an ANS L50? I have tried so much and they are dodging my questions.
    IMEI – 990012661121415

    1. floyd evans

      please unlock my motorla t mobile phone its metro pc its lock to tmobile imie 354159103237026

  5. Madara was not working site please need an update to update my Note 8

  6. Victor N uganda

    Hey, please help unlock my phone it is afriphone samrt s5 with imei 358789067195566.

  7. Kris kendra

    Please help me unlock my cricket phone
    Coolpad cp3636a
    IMEI 863515032311519
    I have been trying for hours to figure out how to download the IMEI code generator. Please help


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